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Entering the Chinese market through WeChat

access_time 04/05/2021 person Diego Katzman
Aiming the Chinese market is one of your dreams? That's why we are here. Entering the Chinese market is the dream of many eCommerces all over the world, but achieving it is a complex task if you don't know the right tools. That's our goal today. We ...

How to pay in China with WeChat or get paid with WeChat in your country

access_time 03/15/2021 person Diego Katzman
Do you have an online business? In case you don't already know, your Chinese customers use WeChat as a payment method. And as a merchant, you should at least be aware of how to pay in China with WeChat. The best part is that you too can offer this ...

What is Alipay

access_time 03/02/2021 person Diego Katzman
It is a payment solution, not only for physical stores, but also for online merchants. Chinese customers can scan the QR code and pay easily, while eCommerce allows mobile payments to optimise payment for any type of product or service.

Payment methods for Chinese tourists

access_time 12/08/2020 person Diego Katzman
Until not too long ago, China was one of those countries lagging behind in internet use. Now, 99% of Chinese citizens use their smartphones to access it. The development of apps such as WeChat Pay and Alipay is changing their way of life. Do you ...

Sell more to Chinese customers with PayXpert's marketing service

access_time 07/29/2020 person Diego Katzman
Having visibility is a major challenge of living businesses in the online universe. Making your target audience see you online is critical. Let your audience know you exist, find you and discover what you have to offer. However, usually for your ...