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Published 29/07/2020 · 3 min read

Having visibility is a major challenge of living businesses in the online universe. Making your target audience see you online is critical. Let your audience know you exist, find you and discover what you have to offer. However, usually for your website to be found by the ideal customer you need a little push called SEO and SEM positioning. It is the usual way for companies to improve their visibility online.

Do some of your customers come from China? Let's talk about PayXpert's WeChat and Alipay Marketing service, the most effective alternative to sell more to Chinese customers.


Online visibility: essential for e-commerce

Having visibility means that your target audience will actually see you on the internet. This is not the same as presence, which is achieved solely by being on the Internet. If you already have a website or a social network profile, you already have a presence online. But visibility requires something else. You need to implement balanced marketing techniques and practices, as well as a number of tricks to improve it:

  • Promote SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) positioning by publishing valuable content to your target audience, taking care of the weight of images to avoid slow loading, using short and descriptive names in images and keywords in texts.
  • Include a blog on your website as a content strategy. They must be linked to the product or service you offer in your eCommerce site.
  • Presence on social networks. "Social networks are no longer about websites, they are about experiences" – Mike DiLorenzo. Take the opportunity to establish a direct relationship with your customers.

You have probably already implemented some of these tips, if not all of them. But if you haven't yet reached the level of visibility you want for your online store, it's time to break all the moulds and combine these techniques with the support of a new solution. We reveal it to you in the next section.


Marketing on WeChat and Alipay

These two platforms have become the most widely used new payment methods in the Chinese market. Millions of users use them daily to carry out multiple transactions:


WeChat Pay

It is the most popular social network and mobile app in China. It has been developed by Tencent and users use it as a payment service, instant messaging, retail search, etc. It is well known for being the most innovative and versatile application in the market, a kind of 'Chinese application that serves everything', as they know it. WeChat would be equivalent to numerous applications together but centralized in a single one.

It works as follows: it offers different alternatives to receive payments and you can use the one that best suits your eCommerce. Users read the QR code on the payment page and quickly confirm it. They select the product they want to buy, the price is displayed and the user must confirm the payment with a password. This is accepted and both receive instant confirmation.

At PayXpert we help you organise your Chinese communication within your own official WeChat account. You'll easily market your business, as by using geolocated marketing, your eCommerce will be visible to Chinese buyers. Would you like to geographically target your community? Would you like to create subscriber categories according to their location?

Adapt your marketing strategies to WeChat!



This application allows you to make payments with your mobile phone in a very simple way. Its main objective is to optimise the way payment is made for any type of product or service and to offer financial tools to users.

PayXpert gives you the possibility to be present in a platform accessed by more than 600 million Chinese consumers. In addition, it allows fast payment, no extra exchange rate costs, real-time monitoring and support for marketing promotions.

The best place to make yourself known is where your target customer is present. Alipay is an extremely popular app, a kind of reliable and secure financial services ecosystem. In short, it's China's e-commerce giant. When you have your store in Alipay, it will appear on the page of the city you are in. Its implementation is very simple, discover the solutions adapted to your business that we have to offer and start receiving your payments!


How to apply WeChat and Alipay to your business strategy?

With PayXpert, it's much easier. Our account managers will support you throughout the process of integrating digital payment solutions to ensure the best experience for your future Chinese customers. WeChat and Alipay applications not only offer features for the end customer, but also enable much stronger communication between all stakeholders.

Are you ready to sign up for the apps most commonly used by your Chinese customers?


Main advantages of marketing service on WeChat and Alipay

The fintech sector continues to evolve, and e-commerce is not exempt from its transformation. On the contrary, you must update your payment systems with the needs of your customers and be present where the users are.

  • You will be present among millions of registered and active users each month.
  • Its integration is simple and has no upfront costs.
  • It allows you to obtain real-time transaction reports.
  • Help your Chinese customers avoid paying bank fees or carrying cash.
  • It allows settlement in local currencies.
  • It makes it possible for Chinese customers to pay with a method they know and completely trust.
  • It makes it easier for customers to pay.
  • It allows to perform multiple actions in a single application (payment of invoices, transfers, adding funds to mobile phone, payment in a restaurant, financial services...).

Are you ready to make your business known? Do you want to know new strategies to increase online visibility? Take note of everything we have told you and let us know all your questions!

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