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Published 27/04/2020 · 2 min read

Many are those who seek to differentiate themselves from the competition by offering something unique and irreplaceable. However, only a few know how to give their proposal that special touch which achieves their audience loyalty. Although it is true that there is no secret formula, we can offer you some tips to help give your business the added value that positions it over your competitors. Our goal is to satisfy consumers while preserving the essence of our project; that is, to add value.

But before dealing with this matter, the first important step is to know what we are talking about: what is the added value? The EAE Business School defines this term as the set of all those characteristics of a product or service that, although they are not strictly necessary or intrinsic to the service/product offered itself, differentiate it from the competition, making it more attractive to the consumer. In other words, we add value to our proposal when we manage to satisfy the consumer's secondary needs that, without being the reason why she/he came to us, are recognized and appreciated for taking them into account.


Therefore, the added value is a sure bet towards the loyalty of our critical mass (our audience). It is our way to show that we understand you, that we know what you want and that we have a proposal adapted to you.

It is possible that now you are wondering: and what are my client's secondary needs? From PayXpert we present you different and simple ways to provide added value to your company through the best financial management and optimization tools.

Offer security: add trusted payment methods. Security is one of the most intrinsic human needs, according to Maslow's hierarchy of needs (1943). By giving your clients the possibility of making payments with familiar methods, their trust in us is strengthened and the buyer-seller relationship is consolidated. Here are some of the payment methods with the most users in the world:

MIR: or Russian national payment system. It will make you recognizable by more than 147 million potential buyers (on the other hand, one of the most active in the world).

AliPay: it opens up the possibility for a market of more than 600 million Chinese customers. It is an application that makes it easy for users to pay through their phone.

WeChat Pay: the other access to the Chinese market. With more than a billion users, it is the financial application of the social network WeChat.

Our clients already know the importance of taking care of all the details of their relationship with the buyer, starting with guaranteeing their financial peace of mind. As expert financial consultants, the PayXpert team continues to develop financial technology tools for companies and clients around the world.

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