How to pay in China with WeChat or get paid with WeChat in your country


Published 15/03/2021 · 4 min read

Do you have an online business? In case you don't already know, your Chinese customers use WeChat as a payment method. And as a merchant, you should at least be aware of how to pay in China with WeChat. The best part is that you too can offer this system thanks to PayXpert. Do you want to know how?

Join us in this post and find out for yourself.

The popularity of WeChat in China

Every year the popularity of the WeChat messaging app grows a little more. Tencent, the Chinese consortium behind the app, reports great results. That being said, using this payment system in Europe is a nod to Chinese customers that makes them feel valued. Or better still, to feel that beyond their borders, commerce is also thinking of them, bringing many closer to enjoy the service. More than one billion people already use it, which is 21 times the population of Spain. Can you imagine?

WeChat is an all-rounder app that is taking Chinese users by storm. It's not just instant messaging, nor is it just social networking. It integrates many features for which, usually we would usually need different applications: financial payments, live streams, video games...

Although we do not like comparisons, we would like to briefly mention WhatsApp, which allows us to use features designed for communication between people, unlike WeChat. Tencent allows you to follow blogs, celebrities, play games, pay the electricity bill and many other things. In short:

  • Instant messaging with text messages, audios and video calls, among others.
  • Follow celebrity accounts or blogs and send notifications to your followers.
  • Geolocation to see other people nearby and add close contacts.
  • WeChat Pay to make payments and bank transfers.

In short, it is a Chinese application that can be used for everything. And this last feature is where PayXpert comes into play. Find out why!

How to offer WeChat Pay with PayXpert

Whether you are a restaurant, an online store, a jewellery store, a hotel, a department store... It doesn’t matter. WeChat Pay is available to you, no matter what your business is. And we are here to help you.

At PayXpert we help you become more visible to the Chinese citizens and process their payments thanks to WeChat. It is a social media mobile application software and one of the most widely used applications in the world. One of the most innovative and versatile. WeChat Pay is a payment feature integrated into the app, where users can quickly complete the payment with their smartphones.

Advantages for your eCommerce:

  • It entails an easy integration, without front-end costs.
  • Real-time WeChat transaction reports.
  • Chinese citizens avoid paying bank fees or carrying cash.
  • Payments are settled in local currencies.
  • It enables customers in China to pay using a payment method they know and trust.
  • By accepting WeChat Pay, your business makes it easy for its Chinese customers.

And it's not hard to use. WeChat Pay offers different options for receiving payments. And you can choose the one that works best for your business:

  1. Online web.
  2. Online mobile app.
  3. In-store POS.
  4. In-store cashier.
  5. In-store ticket.

In addition, our platform and our specialist consultants will help you organise Chinese communication within the official WeChat account. You'll enjoy the benefits it brings in the marketing universe.

"We have made a strong entry into the Chinese market and awakened the interest of potential customers in our Spanish products, specifically in our boutique hotels and luxury experiences."

Isabel de Castro, Marketing and Communication Director, HOSPES HOTELS Infinite Places

How WeChat works in eCommerce

Imagine you are an online store and a user wants to buy one of your products. When he scrolls to the payment method screen, he clicks on the WeChat Pay option and a QR code appears for him to scan. He will type in his password to verify and authorise the transaction and it will be done effectively. In this case, both the merchant and the user will receive the confirmation.

And if it is a physical store to pay in China with WeChat, the process is similar. You will have two different ways to make the purchase:

  1. Scanning a QR code sticker you will find on the product you want to buy. The price will appear on the screen and you will only have to enter your password to authorise the transaction.
  2. Or using the point-of-sale (POS) payment terminal. There you can scan a code offered by WeChat Pay that will direct you to the amount you need to approve on your Smartphone. The transaction will be accepted when you enter your password.

It's that easy!

Do you already know how to pay in China with WeChat? Key conclusions

Some people talk about WeChat as the app that could become even more popular in the future than the Facebook platforms themselves. In any case, it is no longer just a trend for paying in China, but also around the world. And that is thanks to the work and efforts of fintech technology and service providers, such as PayXpert.

We give you the key to open your doors to billions of users. If you are a merchant who wants to incorporate a point-of-sale terminal with maximum added value, you will not overlook alternative payment methods. And among these methods you could not miss the presence of WeChat Pay or Alipay, leading payment systems in China and with which it is possible to multiply the number of potential customers.

We are leaders in innovation, as well as the first European fintech to process payments through the Russian national MIR system. We are a payment partner of WeChat Pay and offer payment technology and financial management control tools. Our track record has made us one of the leading fintech companies in Europe, with one of the most powerful payment gateways on the market.

The Chinese population wants to share everything they do. That's their culture. From the services they use, to the places they eat and the cities they visit. And that is one of the main reasons why WeChat has become an essential app in their lives, as it integrates everything they need in one place.

If you are still not sure how to pay in China with WeChat, tell us your questions!

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