Chinese New Year, how to celebrate it with your clients


Published 11/05/2021 · 3 min read

Red cards, mobile payments... AliPay and WeChat Pay, your allies now more than ever.

Chinese New Year is not just any celebration. It celebrates the beginning of the year according to the lunar calendar, so it can be celebrated in January or February. It is also the largest movement of people globally: more than 415 million people travel from their usual city of residence to their cities of origin for the great celebration. This celebration, which lasts 15 days, brings together millions of people with their families, for whom they buy gifts, food, and drink, and to whom they give the famous red envelopes (envelopes of money to wish the best to those closest to them).

How to celebrate Chinese New Year 2021 with your clients? What you are missing

You may be asking yourself, what does Chinese New Year have in store for my company and me? The answer is more than just sales: it's about internationalising your clientele, celebrating with them, and building customer loyalty. And yes, this also translates into an increase in conversion, but we insist: this is about something much more valuable than that. We want to help you build a strong and international customer base. How do you reach them? This article brings you fintech tools (and their benefits) for the Chinese New Year and beyond.

Financial tools to offer more to Chinese customers

The brand, the message, the product or service, the eCommerce website... You already have all that, but you want to be accessible to the Chinese customer in a period of shopping and celebration. The secret is to offer them a simple and familiar payment system through the most popular platforms in the Asian country: Ali Pay and WeChat Pay.

Payment gateway with Chinese payment systems. On the one hand, We Chat Pay is the payment method of the WeChat social network, which has 1 billion active users each month and is a safe bet (or rather an essential one) to win over the Chinese consumer during these celebrations. The other great leader, Ali Pay, with more than 600 million users, is also a key ally for your customers to celebrate the Chinese New Year. They are the masters of the latest payment trends. According to an Ipsos report, they both account for 90% of mobile payments in China, which is also the world leader in mobile payments (with 77% of their population using them regularly).

Why are these payment methods so popular?

Through WeChat Pay and AliPay, millions of users send the well-known lucky red envelopes: the digitised version of the money envelopes that millions of users send to their friends and family on New Year's Day - read our previous post on red envelopes here. They are also launching exclusive coupons that their customers can use during this shopping season. They are the masters of the payment market because they respond to the habits and needs of a billion customers, and they are the payment methods that your new customers expect to find on your eCommerce website (and that will increase your cross-border sales).

As official partners in Europe of WeChat Pay and AliPay, we understand it: these are only advantages for our customers. Not only for the Chinese New Year campaign (through cross-border payments) but also for those shops that are used to receive tourists from China. Offering their usual payment methods is a way to guarantee your positioning in the face of a competition that only offers the three main payment methods. Therefore, Ali Pay and WeChat Pay are your perfect allies to approach the Asian customer and start celebrating the New Lunar Year yourself.

Mobile payment, lucky red envelopes, cross-border payments... And management control

Helping you increase conversion by reaching new international markets is one of our goals. But we also want to provide you with fintech tools so that, together with our team of experts, you will know every detail of the financial operation of your business and make the most out of periods of high sales volume such as this Chinese New Year 2021.

  • Business Intelligence: analyse your KPI's as you've always dreamed. As one of Europe’s leading fintech companies, we bring you the latest data management techniques. In other words, we process all the data generated from your financial activity to offer you intuitive graphs on the main financial determinants such as your activity peaks, the geolocation of your transactions, or the level of risk. Through our Dashboard, you will have direct access (constantly updated and on-demand) to all the information you need for optimised management control. You will be able to redirect your strategy based on your business's opportunities and/or threats at any given time; because acting fast is key, we offer you the information you need to achieve the best version of your business.

PayXpert, the financial partner to achieve the best version of your business

What do we do? Our goals are to optimise your finances and help you increase your conversion. "How do I optimise my finances and increase my conversion?" Through financial technology and a team of experts: data analytics or alternative payment methods for cross-border sales. What are the benefits? Helping you to get to know your customers better (financial profile, average ticket, etc.), detecting fraud, and keeping it under control. Allowing yourself to analyse your KPIs as a financial expert would, in a simplified way.

Since 2009, at PayXpert, we offer financial expertise with guaranteed results. We offer our clients the best tools and allow them to offer their clients the best and most varied payment methods. Do you want to get to know us better? On our website, you will find detailed information about these and the rest of our services. Services that have positioned us as winners for the best Fintech according to the 21st Century Technology Awards. Contact us, and let's start building together towards your brighter future.

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