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Fighting cybercrime: more security for you and your customers

access_time 01/18/2021 person Diego Katzman
Cybercrime is on the rise in 2020: find out how to continue offering maximum security to your customers The increase of telework, the growth of e-commerce... The measures taken to slow the advance of the coronavirus have led to a growing ...

SWOT Analysis and Fintech Tools: a Secret Weapon to Grow

access_time 05/22/2020 person Diego Katzman
Regular monitoring of your company is one of the basic requirements to ensure that you are on the right track: the path you have chosen, also shaped by market conditions. Among the many tools and techniques we can use to make this happen, today we ...

The different typology of Chargebacks Merchant may face

access_time 09/17/2018 person Diego Katzman
In this post we will give an overview on the common types of chargebacks, so it will be possible to understand the origin of the loss and take remedies to minimize them. Merchants need to pay special attention to the chargeback they receive to ...

5 tips to avoid Merchant Error Chargebacks

access_time 08/10/2018 person Diego Katzman
In a previous post we have focused our attention in how important is for Merchants to have a website that is fully compliant with the requirements that Cards Brands and Acquiring Banks.

Web Requirements Tips

access_time 07/11/2018 person Diego Katzman
Offering online products and services can be a great opportunity for a Merchant. When considering to move into the e-commerce world, or simply when directly creating a webpage, Merchants need to a clear vision of the goals they intend to reach and ...


access_time 01/15/2018 person Diego Katzman
This period represents for many merchants the opportunity the majority of their revenues.