Fighting cybercrime: more security for you and your customers


Published 18/01/2021 · 3 min read

Cybercrime is on the rise in 2020: find out how to continue offering maximum security to your customers

The increase of telework, the growth of e-commerce... The measures taken to slow the advance of the coronavirus have led to a growing digitalisation of work, trade and finance. With more and more users (and customers) on the network, cybercrime has grown exponentially in recent months: cybercriminals or hackers are taking advantage of the weakest platforms.

The CCN-CERT, or computer incident response team at the National Cryptologic Centre, presented its latest report on Cyberthreats and Trends for 2020 , which includes the main online threats and attacks to which thousands of online users are subjected. In short, the study concludes that the coronavirus crisis has led to an increase in cyberattacks and a global cybersecurity crisis.


Cybercrime increases by 70% during lockdown

Before the COVID-19 crisis, cybercrime figures were already on the rise. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ cybercrime report, the figures have only increased in recent years : in 2019 there were 35.8% more crimes than the previous year, when 160,729 cases were reported. This growth trend continues so far in 2020 (largely because of the coronavirus crisis), with 70% more cybercrime than in 2019.  The rise of cybercrime has set off the alarms not only for online users and buyers, but also for online merchants who don't want to see their ecommerce suffer this new wave of crime.


Cyber-scam or fraud, the star crime of hackers

Fraud is the most common online crime in our country: it accounts for 88.1% of total cybercrime in Spain, four times higher than the figures recorded in 2018. 

With such alarming data, online shoppers increasingly need to be more certain of the level of security of the website on which they want to make their purchases. Given this perspective, it is the duty of ecommerce websites to offer secure payment gateways that protect themselves and their customers: it is time to integrate the best financial management technology.


Protect your business from fraud and offer maximum security to your businesses in their payments

At PayXpert our goal since 2009 is to enhance financial optimisation tools: today we are experts in payment technology and financial management. It can be said that we have been preparing to meet the needs of today's e-commerce for years. Both our optimised payment gateway and our intelligent fraud control tools have been helping our customers deliver the best ecommerce experience to their customers for years. Do you want to know how? Keep reading: we offer you the technology you need to strengthen the security of your business.


PayXpert payment gateways: build trust and sell more (to more customers)

Our payment gateway is designed to meet the needs of merchants like you; after all, it is the most critical point in the purchasing process, where the customer expects maximum professionalism in the management of his personal data. PayXpert’s technology is the result of years of work by a specialised team, working on constantly updating the gateway to respond to consumer behaviour. Our goal is to increase your conversion, while minimising chargebacks. Do you want to know how? Here are the main advantages of the PayXpert gateway:

Tokenization: or how to offer the latest in online security. When a customer enters their card details in an e-commerce, they are putting themselves in your hands: this data must be processed with maximum efficiency. Gone is the encryption of the data (potentially decrypted by pirates): through tokenization, your customer’s data is replaced by tokens, non-reversible numerical codes (much more secure). Once the customer has entered their data, a token is generated that will serve to process all their future payments, without having to re-enter the card details. Maximum security and maximum convenience to ensure a perfect shopping experience.

Cascading: with a multi-acquirer network and more than 20 alternative payment methods, we redirect the transaction to be completed with the best cost and acceptance ratio, significantly increasing the conversion rate compared to other payment gateways.

Smart Routing Solution – Our portal selects the best acquirer for specific transactions, based on real-time risk scoring.

Intuitive and functional design: our payment gateway is not only secure, but it also looks secure. We are much more than financial optimisation technology: we know the importance of efficient and highly usable design. We inspire customer confidence to ensure a satisfactory purchase.


Risk management: Protect your business using advanced data and algorithms and keep fraud at bay

Our risk control and fraud prevention technology is based on advanced scoring rules and advanced algorithms. Through our flexible, scalable and intelligent prevention module, we enable you to detect fraudsters and spot genuine buyers: the goal is to optimise conversion. We use the data provided by each user and their online behaviour to define the risk level of the transaction: if it is higher than the defined level, the transaction is rejected: it is that simple. With PayXpert technology you'll be able to reduce the risk of payments either by choosing to automate or working with our team of experts.


Innovation in payment technology to offer you the best at Fintech

Since we started in 2009, we at PayXpert have experienced first-hand the evolution of online commerce. As payment technology experts, we create financial innovation and put it at the service of our customers, so that they can offer the best to their customers. We are prepared to meet the needs of e-commerce in 2020, and we want to help you do it too. Shall we talk? We can do many of things together.

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