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6 Tips to Increase Your Payment Conversion

access_time 06/07/2021 person Diego Katzman

Pay by Link: the solution to make payments in a few clicks

access_time 06/02/2021 person Diego Katzman
"I want to increase my payments".

Implement Pay by Link in your eCommerce and increase your conversion

access_time 05/05/2021 person Diego Katzman
Accepting Pay by Link payments means that your eCommerce has become the latest trend. Accepting them on an online payment gateway means that your business is open 24/7. And it all adds up to faster, more efficient shopping and a better user ...

What are the advantages of Paylink payments?

access_time 03/30/2021 person Diego Katzman
Surely, you have heard of this payment method in more than one occasion. And it is no coincidence. Quite simply, every year the number of users with a preference for this type of payments increases, until it has become a popular model. But why is it ...

PayXpert: SMS payment systems

access_time 02/08/2021 person Diego Katzman
We're about turn the page on the calendar and we didn't want to do that without talking to you about micropayments. We have a year ahead of us full of innovation, growth and a lot of e-commerce. At PayXpert, we are committed to the eCommerce ...

How can I receive link payments on my website?

access_time 01/19/2021 person Diego Katzman
If you have an online store, or are thinking about opening a business, you will know how important payment platforms are to charge for the products you sell to your customers. Even more relevant is choosing the right payment method to achieve a ...