Pay by Link - What are the advantages of Paylink payments?


Published 30/03/2021 · 3 min read

Surely, you have heard of this payment method on more than one occasion. And it is no coincidence. Quite simply, every year, the number of users with a preference for this type of payment increases until it has become a popular model. But why is it so attractive? How is it used? What are its advantages?

Paylink payments: What are they?

It is a payment method based on sending and receiving an economical amount to pay for a service for the purchase of a product. That is, it consists of sharing a link through platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook or others to make the payment and simplify it as much as possible.

The origin of this payment method lies in the necessary simplicity and speed to issue or receive a payment. It's the solution for simplifying any payment with a link. You just need to click to continue and complete the payment. You will find that Paylink – or Pay By Link – is becoming increasingly popular in the world of freelancers to facilitate the payment process, as well as in businesses that do not have a store, as is the case with the tourism sector.

If you want to avoid payment delays, perhaps you should start considering Paylink payments

How Paylink works

Considering the health crisis the world experienced due to Covid-19, payment methods that avoid physical contact between buyer and seller are growing rapidly. Companies can create a hyperlink and send it to their customers via SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, email or other means. The process is simple; the customer needs to access the link to pay with a card.

It is a simple and fast payment method that can be easily implemented for your business. Best of all, there's not even an additional cost, and it guarantees the protection of users' data and transactions.

To sum it up:

  1. We create a personalised link so that the user can make the payment. It is a one-time payment order from a simple sales dashboard.
  2. We include a representative image with the link, either a picture or a logo. This will allow him to identify you easily. We send it to the customer through the channel of your choice. Email? SMS? Social networks?
  3. When you finish it, share it with anyone. The user will log in to enter their card details securely.
  4. When the user receives the link and makes the payment, the seller receives the money in his account, and both receive a notification with the transaction result.

Would you like to manage contactless, cashless payments without leaving your home? With Paylink it's that easy!

9 advantages of Paylink payments

Now that you know the simple steps required for this payment method, it's time to learn about its main advantages:

  • It is a very convenient payment method for everyone, both sellers and buyers.
  • It simplifies the process, makes it easier for the user, and represents an opportunity to close more sales quickly and efficiently.
  • The process is done in real-time. You only need to indicate in the link the amount of money to be paid and share it through a social network (Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.).
  • It provides a more up-to-date image of the business, showing users that you are up to date with the latest technological developments.
  • You cross borders, as you can work internationally, receiving money in any other currency.
  • It provides security and is very intuitive and easy to use!
  • It allows you to receive remote payments, even if you have a business that you cannot open yet, as it happens in times of pandemic with thousands of bars and restaurants.
  • Fast and secure digitalisation of any business.
  • All types of sellers can charge for their products or services with this method.

Therefore, it is an ideal choice for freelancers, bars, etc. Even for offline businesses that need to receive payments online. If you have an eCommerce, this payment method will help you recover abandoned carts, either by sending discounts, reminders of product advantages, etc.

In short, Paylink payments are a perfect tool with which you don’t even need an online store. Moreover, this method is 100% adapted to small businesses and makes life much easier for them and the user.

Other features of the Paylink payment method

Paylink is much more than a payment method. Take note of its unique features!

  • It multiplies the chances that quotes can be converted into sales.
  • If you receive an order via email or message, you can reply with the payment link and secure it even before delivery.
  • You can customise links and forms to perfectly match your business strategy, increase user confidence, and differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  • You also have the option to customise your messages; customers will appreciate it and recognise you quickly.

If you are intrigued to know more about Pay by link, find the details here.

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