What is Pay By Link? Find out how it will help you sell more online


Published 05/10/2020 · 3 min read

How does Pay By Link work on an eCommerce website?

The Pay By Link (or Payment Link) system is one of the most effective options when it comes to streamlining the online sales process.

You've probably seen it before. Whether in chatbots, where it is the automatic messaging program itself that sends a payment link; or in the form of a payment button, the goal behind it is always the same: to facilitate payment for the eCommerce visitor. You may be thinking, "Such an easy payment, is it still safe and reliable?" Indeed, it is. As financial technology consultants, we explain why Pay-By-Link is one of the best bets for the future of e-commerce.

At PayXpert we are an expert team in payment gateways for e-commerce

There are different (but very similar) ways to apply Pay By Link. As we mentioned above, its two most common applications are the payment links or the payment button. But how can we easily integrate them into our e-commerce website to get maximum profits?

  • Pay By Link via SMS, email, social networks or chatbot (literally, any messaging app). Your customer will receive a link from one of your apps, social networks or corporate websites, which will automatically redirect him to a secure payment gateway. You can set a time limit for the customer to make the payment, or unlimited time (the session is not closed until the transaction is complete).
  • Email invoicing with Pay By Link. If your business offers B2B services, and you need an efficient billing program, you can also benefit from Pay By Link technology. In this case, the customer receives an email that redirects him to the invoice itself, where he only has to fill in his company details: name, address, email, VAT number... Once the customer pays, he receives his corresponding invoice in his corporate email—all the advantages of Pay By Link payment, also for business to business trading.
  • "Buy" button on an e-commerce website. This way, you redirect your leads directly to the checkout page. By simplifying the purchase process, we manage to increase the conversion. 

That's right. These last three examples are some of the different ways in which you can integrate Pay By Link into your business. As you can see, the common factor is how quickly the customer accesses the payment gateway, where he only has to fill in his data and click on "pay"—a boost to sell more online, with PayXpert's security and fraud control guarantees.


How can Pay By Link help me sell more? Main benefits

  • You simplify the payment process. Pay By Link represents one more advantage for your customers, who see how the purchase process is easy and reliable (thus minimising one of the leading "pain points" of the purchase process). All of this translates into more sales and, more importantly, more customers.
  • Show the most avant-garde side of your business. Offering the latest payment management technology is the best way to communicate that you are continually working on providing the best possible user experience. Offering the latest in financial technology makes your business synonymous with efficiency, one of the mottos of your target loyalty.
  • Payment process... in real-time. The customer receives the payment link with the exact amount of the product or service he wishes to purchase. As the transaction takes place, it is automatically reflected in the system, so that you keep track of your finances in real-time. The speed and simplicity of Pay By Link makes it a winning horse if you want to consolidate yourself in e-commerce.
  • The security and reliability of one of the leading financial partners. As financial technology consultants, we work to ensure that every one of our tools and services guarantees the safety of the customer and trader. Thanks to all our years of experience in the sector, we are a seal of quality and innovation.
  • Sell more online... Sell more in the international market. Pay By Link, the perfect method for currency exchange transactions. You want to sell more online, but you don't know-how. You're facing an infinite market you don't know how to approach. Don't despair: increasing the boundaries of your business has never been so easy. Thanks to fintech innovation, you will be able to sell to customers all over the world. The Pay By Link payment system allows you to receive payments in any currency, anywhere in the world. That's what we meant by selling more online: Pay By Link payment gives you access to the market with more opportunities, the global market.

How to get the most out of Pay By Link? Its best applications.

In addition to its speed and ease of use, the great virtue of Pay By Link is (as you can imagine) its versatility. If you don't yet have an e-commerce website, POS or payment system, a payment link is an easy way to carry out transactions over the internet. E-commerce in its simplest and most effective form. A perfect complement for those who already have an e-commerce portal, and an ideal tool for those who want to start selling online, but do not yet have their own developed website.


How to find a good Pay By Link provider for my business?

As one of the leading financial technology consultants in the country, we have developed optimised payment management tools over our years of experience. We offer much more than payment systems. Would you like to know about our management control tools? Together with other value-added features such as the Pay By Link payment system, they are our expert formula for financial optimisation. They will allow you to control the transaction activity of your business and keep an optimised management control. We help you understand your financial information, saving you time and money. Does it leave you wanting more? Click here to find out why a financial partner is worth it.

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