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Published 02/06/2021 · 3 min read

"I want to increase my payments".

Of course, you do, but… What are you doing to make that happen? Do you offer easy purchasing processes tailored to your customers' needs? Or are they so complex that users end up abandoning them?

In this post, we will make an in-depth analysis of Pay by Link, as it is a fast, easy electronic payment system with great advantages for online stores and users.

Will you join us?

What is Pay by Link?

It is a payment method that consists of sharing a link through the social network that best suits the user’s needs and is valid for any phone model. This system simplifies sending and receiving the charge to pay for the purchase of a product or service. Email, WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Chatbot, SMS, or whatever channel is most convenient for you.

This has a lot to do with the so-called contextual commerce. That is, frictionless shopping experiences tailored to consumers’ impulses. They want to satisfy their stimuli, to shop wherever and whenever they want with as little friction as possible.

Thanks to new market trends, such as conversational commerce, retailers can meet users on their favourite channel and guide them through the shopping process in a tailored, easy and fast way.

Of course, we're not talking about anything new when we talk about Pay by Link as part of eCommerce. But this time, we want to break down how it works and tell you why it is the easiest payment system to complete your transactions in just a few clicks.

How to make a payment in a few clicks with Pay by Link

Easy, fast, and secure. Are you a freelancer and want to offer online services? Do you send quotes and need to improve the payment process? Do you have an online store and would like to speed up the payment process? The solution to these problems is Pay by Link, the tool that allows you to receive payments instantly, without the need to have a physical or online store.

It works as follows:

  1. From a sales dashboard, create a personalised link with a payment order.
  2. The link is sent to the customer through their favourite channel: social networks, email, SMS, chat, or other.
  3. When the user receives the link, they access a payment form where they enter their card details.
  4. Once payment is completed, the user and the seller receive a notification with the result of the transaction.

Pay by Link can be used through the channels mentioned above and in call centres to get payment details securely, in chatbots through which we communicate with customers, voice recognition to pay for an order, upselling to increase the sale of products in other environments, etc.

That’s it! Now you can start receiving your payments in a few clicks, instantly and securely.

When is the use of Pay by Link recommended?

That's the big question. And for it, we have a great answer. This payment method is for any store, company, or professional who wants to get paid for their products or services quickly and easily. But let's get to the point because Pay by Link is not limited to a particular case, but quite the opposite.

Who should use it?

  • Small businesses that need to speed up their collections through an order attached as a link in any document.
  • Online stores that receive orders by email or phone and can respond directly with the payment link to ensure payment before delivery of the order.
  • eCommerce that needs to recover their abandoned carts. They can use this method to send discounts or other relevant consumer information.
  • Freelancers who want to start offering online services and need an easy-to-use payment system.
  • Physical stores that want to start receiving customer payments online.
  • Restaurants that have to remain closed and still cannot open their doors due to COVID-19.
  • Companies whose activity is based entirely on social media and do not have a physical or online store.
  • Businesses whose payment process is a constant struggle with the customer. With Pay by Link, you can ensure payment on time.

Do you feel identified with any of these profiles and would like to learn more about this payment system? Tell us your questions in PayXpert.

Electronic payment to strengthen pandemic sales

The world as we knew it a couple of years ago has changed. And it is very likely that nothing will ever be as it was before, especially in the electronic payment ecosystem.

Those who already had an online business have improved their offer of payment systems and channels, and those who did not yet have an online presence have leaped to respond to this demand. In this context, Pay by Link has become one of those ideal alternatives to easily adapt businesses to online sales.

To this end, Pay by Link has become increasingly popular for personalised sales via email or chat, for keeping call centres active without compromising business security, or reactivating physical activity. In short, this payment method is a great alternative for those retailers who have not yet leaped eCommerce.

As a result, many retailers have found e-payment to be the perfect tool to: simplify the payment process, offer a more up-to-date view of their business, work internationally, offer security and convenience, and a real-time payment process.

"True progress is about reinventing yourself" – Alejandro Vinet

Recommendations for using the potential of Pay By Link

Now that you know what this payment system is and how to use it professionally, we would like to give you a few tips that you can always carry with you. Take note!

  • Customise links to adapt them to the user’s characteristics and needs, as well as to your business strategy.
  • Customise the messages used to confirm orders, communicate amounts, or other information.
  • Customise the payment form with your trust seal (brand, security certificate, etc.).

Did you know that not getting the payment method right in your online store means losing customers?

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