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Published 05/05/2021 · 3 min read

Accepting Pay by Link payments means that your eCommerce has become the latest trend. Accepting them on an online payment gateway means that your business is open 24/7. And it all adds up to faster, more efficient shopping and a better user experience.

Today, a large part of society prefers to buy products online with a credit or debit card, so they are looking for online stores that they trust and offer well-known and fully secure payment methods. Pay by Link has joined this long list.

Do you want to know why? Do you know how it works? What know its benefits? Join us in this post to find out!

Pay by Link: the definition

A couple of years ago, we would have talked about payment by link as that great unknown, but, in the middle of 2021, it is one of the most widely used methods by consumers and eCommerce. Pay by Link is a payment method that consists of sharing a link through the social network that best suits the needs of the seller and the buyer (Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, among others) and can be used from any Smartphone with an internet connection. You only need to send it by email or include it in the invoice itself.

In short, Pay by Link is exactly what it looks like, a link that directs the buyer to a payments page to enter data and process the payment. You will barely have to make any development or integration efforts, so it is very easy to use.

Would you like to integrate it into your sales channel? Do you have any questions? If so, give us a call or leave us your comments.

What are the advantages of using link payments?

Using a link as a payment method is now possible. If you need your customers to pay through a secure link and receive the money quickly, we invite you to discover the advantages of Pay by Link in your business:

  • Simplifying payment

It is much more convenient for the user, as there is no need to install any application. Rather, it only requires receiving the link generated by eCommerce.

  • Security

It is a secure payment method for both seller and buyer, as there is no need to register any account numbers or other sensitive data.

  • It is recommended for all types of users

This method has no limits of use. In fact, it is widely used by freelancers to receive payments quickly and easily. Moreover, it is increasingly used by industries such as tourism.

  • In real-time

Payment is made in real-time and allows you to register the purchase instantly.

  • It generates a more modern image of your business

Pay by Link updates the way your company is seen thanks to the use of this technology. You'll increase the loyalty of your target audience!

  • Simplicity

Get a much simpler payment process. It is a unique opportunity to close sales easily and effectively.

  • Avoiding payment delays

As it is such a fast payment method, it avoids unnecessary problems and allows you to get the money without delay. It also ensures that your client pays you on time.

  • Fast and easy

All you need to do is create your own personalised link (even with your photo or logo), share it with whoever is going to make the payment (use social networks or email). The user will only have to access the link and indicate the amount of money to be paid. Fast, flexible, and simple.

  • Working internationally

You will have no problem sending or receiving payments in other currencies. In this way, you expand your target with a payment method that is easy and reliable for them. Forget about declining payments or switching to another currency!

Applications such as PayPal and PayU have already included this method in their services. What are you waiting for?

Increase customer conversion with link payments

Now, any channel can be your payment page. Social networks, email, QR code, SMS, chat... There are multiple options tailored to the needs and characteristics of your customers.

That's why at PayXpert we pay attention to the simplicity, efficiency, and security offered by Pay by Link. It is one of the most effective options when it comes to streamlining the online sales process. And it's also very easy to integrate into your online eCommerce website, thanks to these two options:

  1. Pay by Link via SMS, social media, email, or chatbot. The user or customer receives a link and they are automatically redirected to a secure payment gateway. You decide whether or not to set a time limit.
  2. Invoicing by email. If you offer B2B services and you need an invoicing programme, with payment by link you can send an email where the customer only has to fill in their company details.

In addition, you can place a buy button on your eCommerce page to redirect leads to the checkout page.

Conclusions on pay by link in online stores

The best way to get the most out of your online store is to offer a wide variety of payment experiences and integrate them into a payment gateway. And if it allows accepting online payments without having to install an application and without hassle, your customers will appreciate it!

At PayXpert, we secure your transactions thanks to the 3D Secure protocol. It has not only been adopted by major banks, but also by card providers and cardholders who need to specify a password or accept SMS confirmation. In this sense, Pay by Link reduces fraud with a unique and secure user authentication included in the link.

Reduce your business pain points and recover abandoned shopping carts with a direct payment method!

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