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How management control will increase your company’s conversion rate

access_time 02/22/2021 person Diego Katzman
Management control allows you to see what is happening in your business in real time, and gives you the information you need to develop the best strategy You've probably heard of management control before; most likely you're thinking about a ...

Your best performance control with PayXpert

access_time 11/23/2020 person Diego Katzman
Financial technology to analyse your business' top KPIs We provide you with the resources you need for efficient use of your financial data. We help you sell more. Performance control is something like the cotton test of finance. What is performance ...

Discover Our Payment Data Management Tool

access_time 08/04/2020 person Diego Katzman
Why is it important to use a dashboard for your transactions? How do you track your payments and customer behaviour? The importance of having a dashboard in your business is increasing, especially due to the massive proliferation of digital data. ...

Future Strategies to Sell More Online and Offline

access_time 07/07/2020 person Diego Katzman
Know new generations: understanding their habits will allow you to develop strategies to sell more in the future market One of the many conclusions drawn during this COVID-19 crisis is the increasingly central need for the constant evolution of our ...

3 Keys to Get Customers through Financial Data Management

access_time 06/29/2020 person Diego Katzman
More than digital tools to boost sales and optimize your finances. Today we will talk about payment management and how to use big data in finance to get new clients.

Data Mining: Strategies to Increase Sales in the Short Term

access_time 06/22/2020 person Diego Katzman
We teach you how customizing your offer can help generate greater benefits Quoting Forbes “If 2017 was the year of the retail apocalypse, then 2018 could be the year of a retail renaissance”. Do you want to know what made the difference? ...

SWOT Analysis and Fintech Tools: a Secret Weapon to Grow

access_time 05/22/2020 person Diego Katzman
Regular monitoring of your company is one of the basic requirements to ensure that you are on the right track: the path you have chosen, also shaped by market conditions. Among the many tools and techniques we can use to make this happen, today we ...

Three common mistakes in Fintech strategy

access_time 05/12/2020 person Diego Katzman
In previous posts, we have talked about the steps to follow when carrying out an excellent financial technology strategy. However, there has been little discussion on the aspects we should avoid in our business strategy, and how financial technology ...

4 benefits of performing a good financial data management

access_time 04/14/2020 person Diego Katzman
The correct interpretation of our financial and payment data can certainly help us to gain better knowledge about our business.