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Published 04/08/2020 · 3 min read

Why is it important to use a dashboard for your transactions? How do you track your payments and customer behaviour? The importance of having a dashboard in your business is increasing, especially due to the massive proliferation of digital data. With them, it is much easier to determine strategic objectives or measure business performance. Throughout this post, we want to tell you all the reasons why data management tools have become essential for e-commerce.

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Data management: an innovation for your business in the PayXpert payment gateway

Having a dashboard with relevant data is one of the most accurate decisions to have a competitive advantage in e-commerce. That's why we decided to create and integrate a data management system into PayXpert's payment gateway, developing our Dashboard module. 

To do so, we have identified the most relevant KPIs and filters for eCommerces. They are available in charts that you can use, as well as selectors that allow you to go deeper into the data in a convenient, spontaneous and natural way. The charts are divided into three main areas of interest:

  • Risk management. You'll be able to control the chargebacks, level of fraud and refunds in real time. They will be analysed from different points of view and will allow you to validate the impact of your anti-fraud actions. 
  • Transaction Activity. It allows to track acceptance, rejection, transactions and fraud, understanding the causes of the figures obtained in a few clicks. In addition, you will be able to track the conversion rate.
  • Sales volume. You'll view your sales by geography, websites, business models and currencies, obtaining information about your sales by payment types. This way, it will be much easier to make strategic decisions to improve your eCommerce results.

Thanks to PayXpert's data management system, you can explore all your business data to understand your customers and purchasers. This advanced statistics module offers many complementary views that confirm the information obtained in the charts. Over 20 filters, 2 grouping options and endless possibilities to transform your data into consistent and interpretable tables. 

Are you ready to improve your business with this new data management? Your figures are now just a click away.


11 reasons to integrate data management into your payment gateway

If you manage the collection of customers from different countries daily and each of them uses a different payment method, it is time to facilitate the management of all this information through a control panel. With the PayXpert dashboard, you can:

  1. Explore intuitive charts that illustrate the transactions and behaviour of your customers and your business in a comprehensive way.
  2. Analyse data using filters, obtaining easy-to-understand statistics.
  3. Control all of your eCommerce transactions, including chargebacks and refunds.
  4. Monitor your revenue, fees and withheld amounts.
  5. Optimise all operations that are rejected and compare current business results with previous ones.
  6. Streamline the process, as the charts show financial performance (sales, risk rate, etc.) in a simple way and facilitates decision making. This reduces all the time you spend studying and analysing your business data.
  7. Reduce uncertainty. You can obtain conclusions, know in depth all the payments that are processed, etc., as all the information will be organised in a database. 
  8. Save costs, as you don't need to hire different suppliers. The PayXpert payment gateway offers everything you need to make your customers feel satisfied with their chosen payment method. 
  9. Find out where your customers are and how they behave, with interactive maps (geographical vision).
  10. Have a quick overview of the most relevant data of your business in real time.
  11. Make better decisions with accurate information.
  12. Identify errors and trends.
  13. Observe activity peaks by days and hours, allowing you to make corrections or optimise conversion rates.

Are you ready to control your business with a powerful dashboard? Give us a call.


Other PayXpert dashboard features

The real-time control platform developed by PayXpert has the following services:

  • Business Intelligence Module. Where you can discover the dashboard, explore charts and observe the behaviour of your customers. 
  • Advanced statistics. In order to analyse your data and control all business transactions. Thousands of options to obtain key indicators.
  • Reconciliation and Administration Module. With complete and simple invoices to observe your income, deductions, fees, etc. There are two buttons to access statistics or related transactions quickly. 
  • Different display modes. Line charts, bar charts, or table data. 
  • Data export. The search results will appear in the format you prefer (CSV, XML, JASON, text, HTML...)
  • Bookmarks. To save preferred statistics, filters, and grouping options.

Are you ready to test this powerful management tool in your eCommerce? We take care of all you transaction history to make the integration process easy and help you manage your online business successfully.


Key findings about data management in eCommerces

PayXpert is much more than a unified payment platform. With it, you won't need different providers to guarantee the services your business requires. On the contrary, it has all the necessary features: different payment methods adapted to your customers, dashboard to control and monitor transactions, etc.

In short, it is a set of services that constitute the perfect formula to increase your sales.

The dashboard has been the latest innovation in the PayXpert payment gateway and is a perfect solution to keep control of the business, manage risk, track transactions, and reducing fraud

Take control of your business and its operations!

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