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Published 03/05/2021 · 3 min read

"We are able to generate value growth from data, both at business and user-level" – José M. de la Chica

There is a large gap between the data we obtain from user behaviour and the business. The challenge is to reduce it. And for that, we want to introduce you to PayXpert’s Data management feature.

It's not just a system. It's not just a simple feature. It's all this and more, a dashboard to get an overview of your payment operations and make documented decisions to reach your business potential with just a few clicks.

Why don't you come with us and find out for yourself?

What is PayXpert Data Management?

It is one of today’s trendy concepts and refers to the way we manage data—review, protection, storage, and interpretation—to maintain security and make effective business decisions.

Data management arises as a result of the large volume of data that is generated and circulates on the Internet, and its relationship with the services offered through it. This information can be harnessed to offer personalised, and tailored user experiences, but how do you organise such a large volume of data to get the most out of it?

Data management has the answer.

PayXpert dashboard features

In eCommerce, you need to give your data the attention it deserves. It is a valuable source of information about business performance and user behaviour. And what better way to enrich your strategies than by tracking them with our Data Management. Not only does it bring consistency, intelligence, and traceability to your sales strategy, but it also allows you to segment your audience and focus on their needs.

The PayXpert dashboard has been the latest innovation in our payment gateway. It is a feature designed to manage data. And for this, we have identified the most relevant KPIs and filters for you. Here you can find its main characteristics and features:

  • Charts divided into three main areas of interest:
  1. Risk management. You can monitor in real-time chargebacks, refunds, and the level of fraud.
  2. Transaction activities. It is critical to track transactions, rejections, acceptance, and fraud.
  3. Sales volume. It provides valuable information, enabling you to view sales by geography, currencies, websites, and business models.
  • Statistics to understand customers and acquirers.

From this module, you can access the filtered list of transactions and analyse them in detail. With more than 20 filters and 2 grouping options, there are many possibilities to transform data into tables that are easy to understand and interpret.

  • Importing Historical Data.

From this module, you will be able to analyse your past data and compare it with current data. On the one hand, we have developed data import modules for the main institutions and payment providers in the market, which makes it easy to keep the history of past accounts and dig deeper into it. On the other hand, we have a great advantage in detecting problems and optimising their settings.

  • Reconciliation module.

It's the best way to keep your numbers in order:

  1. We are one of the few payment service providers to integrate an accounting module that allows merchants to have the full picture of incoming payments and related transactions.
  2. You filter the data you want and select the most convenient format to make reconciliation as easy as possible.
  • White-label solution. Keep control of your companies and operations!

The PayXpert Gateway and the various tools are available for a group of companies and acquirers, among others, who want to be in control of payments. The solution is available as a stand-alone technology or together with other acquiring solutions. Our white-label solution brings flexibility and efficiency to the payment chain.

Why does data management allow you to make better decisions for your business?

In general, this tool allows you to sort, analyse and store data, as well as determine which are of good quality and which are not. In this way, we avoid wrong decisions in our business.

Thanks to segmentation, we can carry out better actions to sell our products and services, innovate, customise and design a direct path to success. Forget about fraud. Metrics and data are two important tools to guide strategic business decisions and align them with set goals.

Data Management not only allows us to make better decisions but also to:

  • Better understand the profile and behaviour of our customers. Collecting and storing your data securely is essential to get the most out of it. Just because we have the information stored, we don't have any kind of value. To do this, we need to analyse it.
  • Get a complete picture of the digital environment of our business. Loyalty level, fraud risks, conversion rate, valuations, number of sales, comparison with figures from previous years, etc.
  • Better business synergy. Data allows us to keep up to date and continuously enrich the business.

Do you have any questions about the PayXpert Data Management dashboard? Call us, we are here to help you.

Conclusions about Data management in online stores

Data management is part of our everyday life. The Information Age, the Big Data Revolution, and the growth of the Internet have triggered a hyperconnected universe. Data matters a great deal. And they are the main source of reference for making good business decisions. They give us important clues about the needs of our potential customers, their tastes and preferences, their goals, the main places they visit, the information they read, etc.

To manage such a volume of data, PayXpert Data Management has become an ideal solution because of the advantages it brings measurement of various KPIs, efficiency, gap identification, ease of access and understanding, use of filters, etc.

Google gives us a lot of data, but we have to learn how to translate, interpret and use them. And as a result, achieve an efficient strategy.

What is going wrong in your business? Find out with Data management.

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