How to start an online business from scratch with optimal ROI


Published 10/08/2021 · 2 min read

Learn how to sell online from the best Fintech partner

At the height of business digitalisation, many are considering starting their own online business from scratch. If you are also thinking about starting a business from home but don't know how to start, this post is for you.

At PayXpert, we are one of the most powerful fintech payment companies and we have been helping both large and small companies for more than a decade to integrate payment solutions to their online stores. 

Why start your digital business in 2021?

You may have asked yourself, why is eCommerce so crucial in 2021? We have the answer: not only because 80% of companies across Europe say that the pandemic has accelerated their digitalisation; but also because this same digitalisation can increase the competitiveness and productivity of freelancers and small businesses by 15 to 20%. The digitalisation of commerce was already a trend long before the health crisis; however, 2021 is (undoubtedly) a key moment in companies' technification, especially for those seeking to consolidate their position in the digital market. According to experts, this is a turning point that will mark a milestone in business development. Those who know how to take advantage of this moment by integrating technical tools and joining digitalisation will see how their market positioning will benefit in the medium and long term.

Start a home-based business with the tools of large companies

Now that you know why digital business is the future of international commerce, it is time for you to find out what tools the big eCommerce companies use and that you can also start using to start your digital business from scratch.

  • The best payment gateway: at PayXpert we believe that using the best gateway to process your customer's transactions is the perfect formula to increase the conversion of your business. Our payment gateway, our Central Dashboard, and Connect2pay technology offers easy and efficient payment solutions, allowing you to offer one of the best payment gateways in the industry. You will get high transaction acceptance rates while at the same time you keep fraud at bay. 
  • Multichannel payments: the best way to integrate unified commerce into your business. Offer your customers a wide range of payment channels so that they can choose the one that best suits their needs at all times including: Pay-by-link (a link sent to the customer by email through which your customers can pay you directly), Interactive Voice Response (IVR) a system that will manage your customers' data over the phone, soft MPOS (this is the software that will turn your team's smartphone into a point-of-sale terminal to collect home deliveries) and, of course, digital payments.
  • Alternative payment methods (APM's): one of the significant (and main) advantages of creating an eCommerce business is the easy access to international markets. Ecommerce allows you to sell to customers in many countries across the world without high additional investment. Thanks to the PayXpert payment gateway, you can offer many alternative payment methods to your international customers. Open your doors to international customers thanks to the RuPay payment system ( the leading Indian payment method), the Chinese AliPay and WeChat Pay, or dozens of payment methods compatible with countries in the EU, the Americas, and Asia. 
  • Business Intelligence: or how to track and review the state of your customer's payment transactions like a financial expert. Analyse your transaction KPIs live; by maintaining control of your business, you can make the decisions that best fit your business needs at all times. The best results are the consequence of the best financial optimisation tools. Our Business Intelligence Dashboard is an example of this. Click here to learn more about it and request a demo to discover its potential benefits for your eCommerce.

The best way to start an online business: with one of the best financial partners in the sector

At PayXpert we have been recognised on many occasions as one of the leading fintech companies in Europe. Whether as the best fintech company in Spain 2021 or as developers of the best Point of Sales Solution (POS 2020). We offer fintech payment solutions adapted to the needs of customers in a constantly changing market. The result? Optimal tools developed to guarantee short and long-term results for businesses like yours.


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