PayXpert: 2021 award for best fintech in Spain


Published 23/06/2021 · 3 min read

The best fintech for the development of payment methods and more

On April 13th, the IV National Technology Awards Gala “Siglo XXI” took place in Madrid, where PayXpert was competing with top players for the award for the best fintech company in Spain. Finally, we got it. PayXpert was recognised as the best national fintech 2021, proving once again that our payment and financial management guarantees results for our clients, and if it does it for them, it does it for us.

This award recognises PayXpert as "one of the most innovative fintech in the payment technology industry." It also highlights our team's dynamic and multicultural spirit, thanks to which, they say, we can offer great solutions to international clients. In the words of our CEO Nicolas Riegert, who attended the ceremony, "Our team is constantly working to deliver efficient payments and value-added services with powerful technology, allowing our customers to focus on other important areas of their business." Because we offer services that not only translate into more and better results and guarantee our customers a more efficient management of their business, gaining time and peace of mind, some of our added values that our customers appreciate the most.

El Suplemento

PayXpert’s advantages for your business, according to the rewarder.

  • The best financial management technology is both efficient and user-friendly: our management control software shows you the most relevant values for your finances. Values selected by experts as your most relevant KPIs: number and distribution of sales, transaction activity, or transaction risk. Get an overview of transactions or analyse them one by one. All through an intuitive API and with the most popular plugins to give you added value.
  • International Fintech: we have offices in Europe and Asia, so we know – and offer – payment methods adapted to customers' needs around the world, working with more than 180 different currencies.
  • Fintech for the development of payment methods: we design payment methods adapted to the needs of each business. Some of these are: pay-by-link(where your customers will be redirected to a gateway through a simple link that they can receive by SMS, chat, mail, etc.), one-click payments, recurring or subscription payments, or invisible payments, among others. Visit our website to find out which payments best suit your needs or contact us without obligation to receive personalised advice.
  • Optimised payment technology: thanks to our cascading system, more than 20 different acquirers, and a network with greater availability than that of our main competitors (with an availability of 99.99%) we manage to redirect your customers’ payments to the acquirer who will process their payment more effectively, minimising the rate of rejected payments and increasing your final conversion.
  • The most secure payment gateways: thanks to our Safe Data Storing system and tokenisation we offer the highest security to our customers to offer it to their customers. Forget encryption security technologies: we introduce you to tokenization, the system where your customers will know that your payment gateway offers the greatest level of trust: the icing on the cake for an outstanding shopping experience.
  • Continuity of service: At PayXpert, we import your data history or payment tokens so that you can start working with us without any loss of revenue or data. Are you thinking of integrating leading financial technology into your business? We will help you get started as soon as possible with the best convenience for you, ensuring a smooth transition.

Do you want to know why we are the best fintech company and how you can implement the best financial management and payment technology? Whatever you are, we have services and tools for you: PayXpert is fintech for SMEs and large companies, and fintech for entrepreneurs and start-ups. Financial technology at the service of businesses of all sizes.

Fintech, what it is and how it works

Financial technology is the product of large and small businesses’ needs in a globalised market in which information is becoming more and more central. At PayXpert, we are specialists in the smart use of financial big data for businesses like yours for their own benefit. It is the so-called business intelligence, which allows you to know your most relevant KPIs, while knowing your customers’ consumption habits. The result? You know your business trends at all levels, you save time and money, and you have the necessary information to make the best decisions in time. All this thanks to a leading company in the industry, recently recognised as the best fintech company in 2021 in Spain. Can you be better prepared for the future?

PayXpert: the definition of a global fintech, at your fingertips

At PayXpert, we work with a clear objective: to develop the best financial management technology and payment methods to offer our customers an optimal service. Since 2009 we have been working to develop the best fintech in the market, and today we are recognised as a leading company at a national level, thanks to which dozens of customers, from large and small companies, have been able to face a market diminished by the health crisis we are experiencing. If you want to know how fintech can help you deal with the restrictions on consumption – especially in physical stores – caused by the health crisis we are experiencing, or learn about other trends in the sector (such as the e-wallet, chargebacks, and more), visit our blog and find out about the latest in fintech.

Now is a good time to invest in your business, even more so to invest wisely: in tools with guaranteed results. Don't know where to start? Visit our website and discover our services in detail. Do you feel you need some help? No problem, contact our team to receive a personalised assessment of your business and a proposal for financial improvement. Shall we talk?

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