You are 3 steps away from integrating unified commerce into your business

Diego Katzman

Diego Katzman
Published 17/03/2021 · 3 min read

Do you want to join the digitalisation of commerce and boost your brand? Unified commerce the solution you are looking for

With the boom in the digitalisation of commerce, companies are demanding new and efficient digital marketing strategies to position themselves above the ever-increasing competition. In today's ecommerce landscape, having a digital presence is no longer enough: in order to sell more online in 2021, you have to use sales channels tailored to your business model and customer demands. At a time when the digital economy represents 7.7% of UK GDP, words like big data, data management, multichannel payments or unified commerce are key concepts you cannot ignore. In today's post we will discuss how financial technology has become the best ally of sales leaders (physical and online).

Why are leading companies betting on unified commerce?

The digitalisation of commerce was already a trend before 2020, and after this atypical year it has become one of the consumer habits par excellence. But how can we develop a sales strategy adapted to current times? The big companies have it figured out: multichannel payments and unified commerce. That's why giants such as Inditex are committed to integrated omnicanality: a business model that unifies online and physical sales, taking them one step further.

What is unified commerce? Unified commerce is a term used by techno-financial experts to refer to the business model that allows retailers to unify all their management platforms (both inventory and financial) and offer their customer an optimised and tailored experience. How? Through specialised management control systems that allow you to keep under control the most important aspects of your business (both physical and online): payment data, customer information, peaks and geolocation of activity...

Step 1 of integrated omnicanality: Business Intelligence and Dashboard

To have centralised brick and mortar and click and mortar commerce, it is essential to have a unified view of your financial data. At PayXpert we have developed a dashboard where you can observe the sales activity peaks of your business (both physical and online), allowing you to make the appropriate corrections in order to optimise your conversion. Technology that interprets your financial data by converting them into graphs at the service of you and your team, allowing you to know the most important aspects of your business in real time. We want you to be able to fully track your transactions (from the most general data to specific sales), and to know what your customers' purchasing preferences are. Where are your customers? Which payment methods do they prefer? At what time is the highest volume of sales? What is the average ticket? Through which channel do you receive the most sales? All this and much more through the PayXpert Dashboard, intelligence that interprets your financial data and allows you to develop your best strategy.

Step 2 in order to develop your best sales strategy: multichannel payments

Much more than unifying your platforms under a single management control. If you want your physical and online commerce to offer the best user experience, integrating multichannel payments is the next step. Why multichannel payments? A multichannel payment solution adapts to the payment habits of your customers, offering the possibility of completing the purchase through the classic electronic gateway, a payment link (Pay-by-Link), Interactive Voice Response... It also allows you to turn your smartphone into a dataphone: SOFT MPOS allows you to take a POS wherever you go. Basically, multichannel payments allow you to diversify the usual sales channel to offer your customer the possibility of buying anytime, anywhere.

Step 3, or the ultimate technique: invisible payments, what you need to build customer loyalty

Seamless payments or invisible payments are gaining traction among the major e-commerce platforms. It is a popular trend among leaders such as Apple Pay, the first payment service to offer this revolutionary strategy, allowing instant payment thanks to a single code associated with the user's profile (rather than their card). In this way, their customers could make purchases by simply clicking the buy button. The main objective of invisible payments is to normalise payments, integrating them further into the purchasing process, and making them safer, easier and faster (the user only has to enter their bank details once).

PayXpert, the leading financial technology to sell more in 2021

Since PayXpert was born in 2009,we have been helping small and large businesses to optimise their finances. As financial technology experts, we are proud to offer our clients solutions that guarantee results: greater insight into their finances, better knowledge of your company's buyer persona, and the optimisation of your finances. Everything you need to increase your conversion.

In 2020, our technology has been recognised twice as one of the most innovative in the industry. First, Payments Awards selected our POS as the best payment processing device, where we were finalists in the Cross Border category, positioning us as one of the best fintechs for our cross-border payment services. We were later recognised as the best Fintech 2021 by the S XXI Technology Awards, once again recognising our tools as some of the most innovative and efficient in the sector.

Our goal today remains the same as when we started: to be the best ally of small, medium and large companies seeking to better understand their finances, optimise them and thus increase customer loyalty, improve the user experience and increase conversion. All this is what you can achieve with a financial partner like PayXpert. Do you want to know how to start integrating the best in financial tools into your business? Contact us and let's talk about how to start getting the most out of your business financially.

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