What is the integration and usability of a payment gateway?


Published 16/06/2021 · 3 min read

If you would like to integrate new options into your online payment platform that add value to the shopping experience in your store, you are in the right place. We will tell you about the PayXpert payment gateway, the integration process, and its usability.

What is the most important thing? That the user is familiar with the payment method unless you want to increase your list of abandoned carts. So, whatever your payment system, it should convey simplicity, trust, and clarity.

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What is a payment gateway?

We have all used it at some point when making an online purchase. However, some people are still not clear about what a payment gateway is. The first thing you should know is that it is the most popular option in e-commerce and that it facilitates the purchasing process for customers through the website.

Payment gateways are services offered by a provider, such as PayXpert, to authorise payments to online businesses to facilitate their customers' process. In other words, the gateway is nothing more than the way users' payments are processed and authorised. Depending on the type of gateway used by the online store, the user experience will be better or worse.

What is the point of having an online store with the best products on the market if when your customers are going to pay things get complicated? Did you know that a satisfied customer is the one who finds the payment method that best suits their needs?

At PayXpert, we have a gateway next to the central dashboard and a Connect2pay payment page solution due to years of experience industry. We adapt to you, your business and the circumstances around it to improve your conversion rate, keep you safe from chargebacks, and offer a unique payment experience to your customers.

What is the integration and usability of a gateway?

You may have seen some options or payment systems that may fit your business, but you should not overlook some important details, such as integration or usability.

  • On payment gateway integration

This is the process by which the gateway becomes part of a business or system. When we are looking for payment systems for our online store, it is important to know if any extension or plugin will be required for its integration. In any case, it is advisable to do the whole process with the help of an expert team and in the shortest possible time.

In this sense, PayXpert offers an easy and reliable integration process in which an account manager gathers the needs and accompanies you throughout the process to help you improve your payment scheme.

  • On usability on the payment gateway

In the case of usability, it refers to the ease and intuitiveness that the gateway brings to the user. For example, the lack of a unified login and a common interface affects the user experience, as completing the purchase on an external page reduces customer trust. Likewise, as more and more purchases are made on mobile phones, accepting mobile payments should be one of your main sources of revenue. Fixing these errors is part of usability, so why don't you put yourself in the user's shoes and use your payment systems as if you were the user?

At PayXpert, we facilitate the payment process through a cascading method where, if the transaction is pending or failed, it is redirected to another payment option to increase the conversion rate. Not only that, but we also guarantee usability through:

  • A smart route solution (dashboard to select the best buyer for specific transactions).
  • Business intelligence and dashboards.
  • Advanced statistical modules (they allow customisable filters to get the accurate data you want).
  • Advanced features (creative and innovative features that are continuously updated and improved).

If you have any doubts, give us a call. We will be happy to answer your questions.

How do I know which is the right integration for my online store?

We know that payments are one of those critical points when opening an eCommerce. And that is precisely why it is essential to choose the right system and integration. How do you know?

Getting started with PayXpert is very easy, as we have four integration methods that we present below.

  1. Access. These are browser-based payment experiences for the website and Smartphone.
  2. Components. Add one per payment method and combine it with your own form logic.
  3. API only. Build your own user interface for all payment methods and have full control over the payment form.
  4. Payment by link. Generate payment requests in any context with a PayXpert hosted payment page, customised with your branding.

In addition, PayXpert supports the most popular plugins on the market, from Woocommerce payment gateways to PrestaShop, OpenCart, WordPress, Zen Cart, WHMCS, and Magento. Integrating payments with connectors or plugins is quick and easy, as well as giving access to the full range of eCommerce solutions in the PayXpert portfolio.

What is the right integration for your business?

PayXpert, the online payment platform you need

We have what you need for your online store. Our range of solutions makes the choice easy and guarantees your eCommerce activity in a secure, scalable, and powerful environment.

At PayXpert... we're waiting for you with the payment system your business needs to increase your conversion rate and improve your customers' experience!

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