What is social selling? How to sell better online


Published 28/07/2021 · 3 min read

Why selling on social networks has to be part of your business' online sales strategy in 2021

Since Instagram emerged in 2010, the truth is that both the way its users use it and the social network's interface and options have changed drastically. Eleven years ago, nobody would have thought that social networks would end up becoming not only a showcase for brands (either through their profiles or through new ambassadors or influencers) but also a new sales channel. How? Thanks to social selling.

What is social selling, and how does it arise?

In recent years, social networks have detected their users' need for new, closer, and more reliable online retailers. According to the IE Business School, the past 2020 has seen an (even more significant) increase in eCommerce worldwide. Did you know that Spain is the country that buys the most on the internet in Europe? And, according to the study, Spanish e-commerce has increased by 23% during the pandemic. These are not insignificant data for businesses that are thinking of updating their strategy, including sales channels adapted to the purchasing trends of today's customers.

Why social selling is of interest to you

Here is where social selling comes in. What is social selling? It's the shopping sections of the most popular social networks, such as Instagram Shopping or Facebook Marketplace, or simply the strategy of using social networks as branded content disseminators, platforms for obtaining leads and interacting with your brand's critical mass. The objective of social selling? Offer users an electronic shop window to both their trusted retailers and previously unknown brands. Why do you need social selling in your business? Besides being a natural point of contact with your frequent and potential customers, especially the millennial and gen z audience. It is a new sales channel where you could be losing sales and visibility if you do not position yourself in time.

According to the study Social Selling: a new B2B imperative, 49% of B2B companies have already developed a social selling plan, and 28% are in the process of doing so. If you don't belong to one or the other, you are probably already losing sales. All this makes it a business opportunity and a threat to your brand positioning in case you do not know how to take advantage of it.

How to use social networks to increase your business sales?

If learning how to sell online was already a pending subject for many, selling through social networks can be a challenge (especially if they do not have the advice of an expert). As one of the leaders in finance technology, and payment systems for eCommerce, we believe we can help you find the solution that best suits your business profile. Follow these simple steps to start developing your social media sales strategy.

  • The best of social networks: the first thing you need to consider is your brand profile. Who is your buyer persona? What are the age, gender, tastes, and desires of your best buyer? Once you have answered all these questions, you can choose which social network you prefer and start planning your social selling strategy.
  • How to get leads through social selling. A lead is a commercial prospect that has already shown interest in your product and that you have on your contact list (because they have given you their email address through social networks, etc.). That is, leads are potential customers or people who, besides considering our product, have a specific profile (ideally, close to that of our buyer persona). There are different ways to get leads through social networks: organising giveaways, interacting with your community, taking surveys, listening, and responding to the suggestions (and sometimes complaints) of your followers. Everything that involves creating content or listening to your audience will bring your brand closer to your customers and potential customers, building loyalty among the former and bringing the latter closer to taking the last step: the purchase.
  • Offer the best eCommerce with the best payment gateway. Once you have managed to position your brand in social networks, created and dynamised your profile, managed to carve out a niche for yourself in the community, and set social networks as a source of leads for your eCommerce, you are ready for the final step. Developing and offering the best eCommerce website possible. We are specifically referring to the most sensitive point: the payment gateway. It is not only the most sensitive point but, in some ways, the most important. Payment is the last stage of the purchasing process, where you have to show your customer that you understand their security and convenience needs and offer them a solution accordingly. That is why offering the best payment gateway is not an option for those businesses that want to make the most of social selling in 2021.

Your payment gateway with the leading fintech company in the UK

As experts in payment technology since 2009, we have developed an electronic payment gateway that goes beyond the conventional payment system. We know how important it is for your customers to have alternative payment methods that allow them to pay most comfortably and conveniently.

  • Alternative payment methods: our payment gateway holds powerful platforms such as AlipayWeChat Pay, or Rupay. Expand your reach where your competitors are not present: get new and better customers thanks to a broader range of payment methods.

In addition, our payment gateway offers much more than just digital payments. Thanks to omnichannel payments, your customers can pay via email, SMS, or phone call.

  • Omnichannel payments: SOFT MPOS, pay-by-link, MOTO... We have developed a whole system of payment channels so that it is your customer who chooses the communication and payment method that best suits their needs.

And much more. Do you want to know why we are the best fintech company in 2021? Visit our website and get to know our products and services first-hand. We know we can do a lot together; shall we talk?

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