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Published 25/08/2020 · 3 min read

Payment gateways are a service offered by a provider that authorises payments to online businesses in order to facilitate this process for their customers. Over the years and the arrival of e-commerce, payment gateways have become a very useful tool to improve business control and user experience. Do you want to know what these tools are like? At PayXpert, we’ll tell you.


Payment gateways: What are they and what are they for?

We've already given you a hint in the previous paragraph. Payment gateways are services offered by a provider, such as PayXpert, and serve to authorise payments to online businesses in order to simplify the process for their customers. However, depending on the type of gateway your online store uses, you'll get a better or worse user experience when making a purchase.

There is little point in having the best products and a stunning web design if when your customers go pay for their shopping cart, everything gets complicated. Payment gateways are an essential piece in eCommerce and will help you:

  • Reduce the level of credit card fraud.
  • Solve the problems with the payments of your eCommerce.
  • Attract new segments of potential customers, both domestic and foreign.
  • Offer a great shopping experience to consumers.
  • Ensure data security.
  • Help your business speed up its collections.
  • Have data management and control platforms in real time.
  • Offer different payment methods to make transactions, adapted to different types of users.
  • Concentrate all your payment channels on a single platform.

At PayXpert we have a wide variety of payment options, from physical and virtual POS to voice response billing. All these payment methods are supported by the Cascading method, so that if the transaction fails for any reason, it can be redirected to another payment alternative, thus increasing the conversion rate and avoiding user abandonment.


The purchase process with PayXpert payment gateway

What are the reasons why your eCommerce site fails in the sales process? Have you asked yourself? The main reasons why users abandon the shopping cart in e-commerce websites are:

  • There are few alternatives in the payment methods offered by the business. If they do not feel familiar with the payment methods, they will most likely abandon the process and not make the purchase.
  • Lack of a unified login and a common interface to avoid being redirected to an external page. When the customer completes the purchase outside the eCommerce website, their distrust increases.
  • Confusing prices and unexpected costs that break with customer’s expectations.
  • A web page that takes too long to load and causes despair in the user.

If you think these are some of the reasons your sales process is failing, it's time to fix them. This decision is up to you alone. Ready to optimise your purchase flows and increase your conversion rate? The PayXpert payment gateway can help you in the following ways:

  • It boosts your sales.
  • It provides security and covers risks with anti-fraud tools.
  • It improves your users' experience.
  • It offers alternative standard payments to suit your business needs.
  • You can control your eCommerce through the most powerful dashboard in the industry.
  • You can reduce chargebacks or money refunds.

Don't worry about anything, our team of consultants will be at your disposal. Shall we talk?


Main keys to any payment option

A satisfied customer will always be one who finds the type of payment that best suits his needs  in the online store. He wants the simple things, no difficulties. So, if he is not familiar with the methods you offer, he will most likely abandon the purchase process. That’s why the main keys to your payment methods are: simplicity, clarity and trust. Convince him that his money will be safe.

At PayXpert we are aware that the payment process is the most important moment for any e-commerce customer. That's why it's important to be sure your money will be safe at all times. Although all the gateways have similarities between them, it is also true that they are very different, and therefore it is important to think carefully about the option you are going to choose.

The success of your business is at stake!


How do payment gateways work?

When one of your customers makes a purchase, he chooses the payment system and provides the data that you, as a seller, request. At this point, the browser switches to encrypting the information, increasing data security, and sends it to the payment platform. It is at this point that the customer is charged and the money is sent. During this process, two key aspects intervene: data protection and confidentiality.

In order to guarantee the security of data and payments, it is important to ensure that the chosen payment gateway meets the transparency, confidentiality and security requirements recognised by law. Sending encrypted data will ensure the use of SSL technology.

The document with the terms and conditions of use will always provide confidence, as it is equivalent to the contract signed between the service provider and the consumer. In addition, it defines the information and rights that may affect the purchase process, such as delivery dates, payment options, price or returns, among others.


Why can PayXpert be the payment gateway your business needs?

It's time to ease the selling process in your online business while improving the user experience. With our payment gateway:

  • You will have the option of having a local acquirer in your customers’ country.
  • You'll reduce technical and financial risk with a backup to redirect transactions to another acquirer immediately.
  • You'll be able to implement a multi-acquirer strategy, which can help you further improve conversion rates.
  • You can offer an omnichannel experience and unify all your payment channels into a single platform
  • Your customers will be able to use different local payment methods.
  • You'll offer over 100 alternative payment methods for consumers to pay conveniently, easily and securely.

Would you like to try different ways to receive your payments? Do you want to increase your sales? Decide which channels you want to implement. We will help you.

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Practical guide: all you need to know about payments gateways



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