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Published 29/06/2021 · 3 min read

If you are looking for innovative solutions to boost your online store, you are in luck, because today we will tell you how to do it.

Yes. You read that right. We want to show you what the PayXpert plugins are and how to use them to accelerate the growth of your online store. That is, enabling secure online payments, offering methods tailored to your customers' needs, generating a successful shopping experience, and increasing the conversion rate.

Something as common as paying by card in WordPress can change the course of your business forever. And it is possible thanks to the help of extensions that act as a support and are easy to install and use. It is a technology adapted to the needs of many businesses like yours.

Do you have an online store hosted on a popular platform and want your customers to choose their favourite payment method? Then, you should add a payment gateway to your platform that integrates the most important local methods.

Join us!

What are the PayXpert plugins, and what are they for?

We have the best payment solutions to add to most eCommerce platforms and we want to show you through our main plugins:

  • Magento. It is mighty and allows you to create large and small businesses. You don't even need to have experience as a web developer, it will be enough to integrate it into PayXpert's intuitive dashboard.
  • WooCommerce and WordPress. We have an official WordPress and WooCommerce module that you can upload via FTP or using the WordPress Add Plugin function. Are you a professional or are you taking your first steps in the world of eCommerce? Don't worry, this option is excellent either way.
  • OsCommerce. It is ideal for smaller businesses, allowing you to enable different payments and alternatives on your website.
  • Zen Cart. You will find languages, currencies and taxes of all kinds to set up your business according to the geographical area in which it is located. It's worth a try with the PayXpert plugin!
  • OpenCart. It features a multitude of language and currency options, making it a popular solution for international sales. We make it easy to support Chinese payment methods, such as Alipay and WeChat Pay.
  • PrestaShop. This open-source software works with configurable modules where you must customise the details of your online store. With the PayXpert plugin, you can start receiving your payments quickly and easily.
  • WHMCS. It has been designed for resellers and companies that opt for the use of standardised systems, above all. It is an option designed for more functional businesses.

Which one do you think is right for you? Contact us and solve all your questions.

Accelerating growth with payment plugins in WordPress

eBay, Yahoo, Ford and other large companies use WordPress. Today, there are many small, medium and large businesses hosted on this platform. One of the first things you should consider is the payment method, thinking about your target and business type.

In any case, PayXpert can adapt to the local needs of its customers through a centralised payment system that can be easily acquired through its plugins. This system means the end of the main problems in your business, among other advantages that we show you below:

  • Having real-time transaction management and control platforms.
  • Streamlining payments in a clear, quick and simple way.
  • Improving the shopping experience for consumers.
  • Attracting new segments of potential customers, both domestic and foreign.
  • Concentrating all your payment channels on a single platform.
  • Reducing the level of credit card fraud.

In short, we have a wide variety of payment options, from voice response collections to virtual POS. And they are supported by a Cascading methodology that ensures conversion and avoids user abandonment.

Accelerating the growth of your business is synonymous with:

  • Improving the experience and value offered to your online store’s consumers.
  • Offering different payment methods to ensure the satisfaction, familiarity and purchase of national and international consumers.
  • Visualising sales by geography, currency, and website, among other things.
  • Ensuring payment security by allowing the start and end of the purchase on the same page.
  • Leveraging your business data to discover areas for improvement and make better decisions.
  • Monitoring chargebacks, refunds, and fraud levels in real-time and analysing them from different perspectives.
  • Tracking transactions, acceptance, rejection, and fraud, to understand the causes behind the figures.

A centralised payment system with a trustworthy provider is all you need to accelerate the growth of your business!

Conclusions about eCommerce payments

And finally...

Allowing card payments in WordPress is no longer a big challenge thanks to the PayXpert plugin. In the end, the payment gateway you decide to implement on your website will be critical. So much so that the success or failure of your sales, the greater or lesser attraction of potential customers, and their level of satisfaction when making a purchase will depend on it.

Are you looking to integrate payment options that add value to your customer's shopping experience? It is critical. Do you still not know which payment method your regular consumers empathise with? Analyse their behaviour. Is the cart abandonment rate too high? Check what's wrong. Do you offer an insecure payment system? Your customers must be convinced that their money is safe.

Still not sure which plugin is right for you? Call us, we can help you.

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