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European payment methods that will sell more in 2021

access_time 11/18/2020 person Diego Katzman
What the European consumer wants: Consumer habits and trends to get to know them better Observing your target audience goes beyond knowing how old they are or knowing their average ticket. It consists of knowing their preferences, their values, ...

MIR payment system: what the Russian customer will see in you

access_time 08/10/2020 person PayXpert
Russian consumer card payment has evolved radically in recent years. It has experienced an increase in the compound annual growth rate of 20.6% between 2014 and 2018, in terms of the value of the overall transaction. In other words, card payment in ...

Looking for added value for your company

access_time 04/27/2020 person Diego Katzman
Many are those who seek to differentiate themselves from the competition by offering something unique and irreplaceable. However, only a few know how to give their proposal that special touch which achieves their audience loyalty. Although it is ...