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Published 05/12/2022 · 3 min read

Would you like to increase the sales of your online shop? Do you receive purchases from different parts of the world? Are you doing something to speed up your collections?

PayXpert payment gateway will provide you with innovative solutions for your online business. We have many questions to ask you, especially now that the pandemic caused by coronavirus has increased the number of online purchases. Whatever your product is, the payment process is an essential part of the business.

Imagine that you manage daily collections from customers in different countries, with their own payment methods that open the door to a greater risk of fraud. If you want to capture these consumers, you're going to have to start offering the transaction systems they usually use.

PayXpert acts as an intermediary platform and adapts payment operations to the different countries where you sell. If you want to know more about us, join us in this post!


We are a payment gateway for your eCommerce

A payment gateway is a service offered by a provider, such as PayXpert, and is used to authorise payments to online businesses in order to facilitate the process for their customers. However, depending on the type of gateway you use in your online shop, you will achieve a better or worse user experience at the time of purchase. Not all of them are the same, in fact, we give you some basic tips to consider when choosing yours:

  1. Check the cost of the service. It all depends on the platform of your online shop and its ability to adapt, as well as the difficulty of the integration process. Don't despair, take your time to investigate.
  2. Consider integration and usability. Will you need any plug-in or extension? Will the payment processor integrate with your existing POS or the solution you're considering?
  3. Make sure the service payment processor offers added value to your industry or vertical.
  4. Find a provider that supports your business processes and operations. In addition to thinking about the products you sell, you should also talk about how and where they are sold.
  5. Ask about security and fraud prevention. Do you offer additional security solutions such as end-to-end encryption and tokenization?
  6. Ask about their international support. What currencies does your business accept? Do you sell products to users in other countries?
  7. Research the management of the payment process. Explore the benefits of the API you work with to ensure payment control and improve positioning, among other things.
  8. Evaluate customer service. You may need help setting up your account and payment team.

Do you think it helps having the best products on the market and an amazing web design if when your customers are going to pay for their shopping cart everything gets complicated?

At PayXpert we adapt to your needs .

Reasons to choose the PayXpert payment processor

We live in uncertain and turbulent times, where the security of our business is more important than ever. Ensuring the success of purchases, reducing cart abandonment, increasing sales and offering different payment methods is increasingly necessary in eCommerce. And achieving this is now easy with PayXpert. Don't worry about anything. Our team of consultants will be at your complete disposal.

Why should you choose our payment solutions?

  1. You'll reduce your business chargebacks and the risks of fraud. They are an expensive and unfortunate fact for many shops that accept credit cards.
  2. You will have a real-time control platform from which you can identify any failure or risk and control the behaviour of your customers.
  3. You will have simple and complete invoices where you can see your income, fees and withheld amounts.
  4. You will ensure the continuity of your business sales without loss of income or data. You can import data history and payment tokens from any other payment platform safely.
  5. The integration process is quick and easy. We have the most popular plug-ins on the market and an easy-to-implement API.
  6. You will offer their favourite payment methods to your Chinese (WeChat Pay and AliPay) and Indian (RuPay) customers, among others. You'll get new customers from other countries.
  7. You will give a more modern and up-to-date picture of your eCommerce, while increasing the speed of payments.
  8. We store your data securely as we are PCI-DSS Level 1 Certified. We are a payment institution backed by the FCA and other financial institutions and authorities. These licenses certify that your money will always be in safe hands.
  9. You will offer payments in over 180 different currencies, as well as recurring payments, subscriptions, or one-click payments.
  10. You will have at your disposal Intuitive graphics illustrating your customers' and business’ transactions and behaviour.
  11. You will increase your sales and conversion rate, as the cascading method allows you to redirect transactions to another purchaser more suitable for processing when something goes wrong.
  12. You will have an omnichannel payment gateway, with customised solutions and giving value to invisible payments.
  13. You will have an advanced risk management module.
  14. You will have the payment solutions that best suit the local conditions of your business.
  15. You will easily comply with the Payment Industry Data Security Standard thanks to the use of tokenization.
  16. You will bring together all your payment channels on a single platform and improve the user experience.
  17. You will offer alternative standard payments tailored to the needs of the business.

There are many reasons why your sales process may be failing (confusing prices, unexpected costs, a website that takes too long to load, few alternatives in payment methods, lack of a unified login and a common interface). Solving them is up to you.

We are here to help you, shall we talk?

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