Omnichannel payments: reach your customers wherever they are


Published 21/07/2020 · 3 min read

Transform your business with these simple steps to get the best sales coverage.

Reach your customers wherever they are, even when your physical stores are closed

We know that your KPIs have been affected by this COVID-19 crisis. You've noticed that without physical sales, your conversion cycle has been seriously affected. Or you may already have an ecommerce portal,but you are concerned about the number of visitors who leave their cart without making their purchase. Do you offer them the right payment methods? you wonder, while you are looking for a way to offer your customers more ways to make their purchase. After years of experience developing fintech payment management tools, we know that the goal is always the same: to develop strategies to sell more while offering the best possible user experience.


At PayXpert we work to help you understand and manage your payments, and save you time and money

Back in 2019, before any of this happened (we mean the health crisis that has the world economy between a rock and a hard place), online or ecommerce trading was predicted to grow by 20.7% in 2020.  This was before the world was forced to be confined in their homes and trade to adapt to these new circumstances if it wanted to survive.  

But ecommerce is not only about card payments. There are many other payment gateways that can help you create your ecommerce or, if you already have an online sales portal, to expand your payment options. We know that many businesses don't know the benefits omnichannel payments can have to help them get through this new stage.

Omnichannel payments: the different ways you can reach your customer and transform your business

We bring you omnichannel payments: much more than selling online. From automated IVR payments to sales management phone agents.  

  • Digital payments: how to sell online. Let's start with the most popular. Even if it seems simple, having a secure and efficient electronic payment gateway is a nuanced aspect that requires full attention. Why? It is a payment method that, just as a few years ago ranked you and provided added value, it is now taken for granted. That is, your client assumes that, if you are a serious portal that deserves to be visited, you will have a secure electronic payment gateway. PayXpert's electronic payment gateway has been designed not only to be secure, but to let your customer know. With an easy and flexible API, the customer immediately knows that, in fact, their data will be managed in a secure and regulatory manner. More specifically, in accordance with PCI DSS Level 1 regulations.  
  • MOTO: a system designed by PayXpert to speed up the processing of payments. Whether it is through your own agents, an IVR or an email with a link that redirects the buyer to a preloaded secure payment page. It reduces the number of abandoned orders by contacting and relocating the customer in the purchase process. In other words, the MOTO system helps you automate or semi-automate both the collection of order data and its execution.  How? Through phone calls, forms, email and, of course, secure IVRs. Some of its most popular applications are remote selling, phone inquiries, taxi payments, booking agencies, money recovery, car rental, hotel billings, and even airline charges.
  • PCI IVR payment system: According to PCI regulations, PayXpert's interactive voice response will allow you to accept payments or redirect customers to an automated solution to enter the data needed for payments. This saves the cost of a PCI-compatible call center, while giving your customer a new and flexible way to process their payments. All this is done through a SIP voice and voice recognition system (with personalized messages and available in different languages) and with 99.99% call availability. Some of the most popular applications of this tool are phone assistance for restaurants with delivery service, phone inquiries, booking agencies, transportation companies or, again, hotel and airline customer service.
  • SOFT MPOS: mobile outlets that will offer your customers the convenience of paying you wherever you are. Whether via a mobile app on your own smartphone or with our POS, mobile outlets allow you to receive payments from your customers as they receive your products or services. In addition, thanks to the system's compatibility with payment methods such as AliPay, WeChat Pay or the Indian RuPay system, the sales coverage of your business opens up to a new world of international customers (either to their home countries or as tourists).

Transforming your business is a process that, while complex, can be done gradually by the inclusion of new payment methods. Whether it is to increase the sales capacity of your ecommerce portal or for physical businesses, telematic payment management is a tool you shouldn't overlook (especially in the current times).

Offering omnichannel payments is the goal of those businesses that want to remain relevant in the market for the coming years

Discover how you can implement in your business the different financial fintech tools to not only increase your sales possibilities during this health crisis, but also start sowing the seeds for a future for your business. A future we've been working for for years: discover everything financial fintech can do for you and your team.

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