Omnichannel: bringing together the online and offline shopping experience


Published 07/10/2020 · 3 min read

An omnichannel strategy is one that puts the focus on the user. It goes from being brand-centric to user-centric. What matters is that all the sales channels you use in your eCommerce are oriented to meet the needs of the user or customer. And how can you do this? With an omnichannel system like PayXpert, which allows you to carry out a reliable integration process.

PayXpert unites the online and offline experience in a payment gateway

Now that you know how important the omnicanalityomnichannel nature of your payment methods is to the user experience, it's time to integrate all those methods that bring value into a single platform.

PayXpert is a payment gateway that makes it easy for e-commerce customers to pay over the web, among other things. We've all used a payment platform when making purchases over the internet. Nowadays, the market is characterised by the integration of all contact channels so that the user perceives a unique experience, both online and offline channels.

Some examples of offline methods are physical POS, payment by credit card or cash, bank transfer, payment by check or cash on delivery. On the other hand, some online payment methods are: PayXpert or PayPal.

PayXpert is the ideal place to centralise all your customer contact channels, a payment system capable of integrating all the payment methods used by your customers into a single platform. This is what we know as omnichannel and it allows to:

  • Increase the diversity of payment methods required by users when making a purchase. We offer methods adapted to your local needs (WeChat Pay or AliPay in China, RuPay in India, voice recognition payments for those who wish to confirm a quick payment...).
  • Decrease the barriers of your online shop in the sale of products. Don't limit your payment methods to a single sector or country, for example. If you expand them, you'll increase your chances of receiving purchases from customers in other parts of the world.
  • Increase the value of the average basket by a very significant percentage and reduce shopping cart abandonment. This happens by improving the experience and value brought to the user when they purchase a product or service from an online shop.
  • Improve the conversion rate. This is a chain. Improving your payment methods, you improve the shopping experience, attract more customers, produce more sales and therefore improve the conversion rate of the business.

With omnichannel in digital payment methods, purchases can be made with a single click. Quick and easy. As an omnichannel payment system, PayXpert focuses on the channel, the payment option chosen by the customer, and the means.

Is your business strategy still not based on this scenario? Are you losing competitiveness and loyalty? Tell us, we can help you.

Today's market is characterised by the integration of all contact channels so that the user perceives a unique experience!

Financial habits according to generations

The digital universe is taking businesses to a new scenario marked by information and communication technologies (ICTs). For consumers, the experience a brand provides is just as important as the products they buy. In this context, omnichannel has arrived to respond to the changing needs of users, which vary according to their generations.

  • Generation Z or centennials. Not only have they banished social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, but they've turned the Smartphone into their bank. These young people have not known the world without the internet, were born after the year 2000 and consume based on online purchases and reviews from other users. eCommerce is taking a close look at their language to win them over with new adapted payment methods.
  • Generation Y or millennials. The economic crisis experienced since 2008 hit them very hard, which has led them to bring forward decisions on savings and delay those on investments. They are the generation of financial resilience and investment in human capital. Some digital technologies that are reinventing personal finances are new forms of mobile phone payment or apps to control spending.
  • Generation X. It has also jumped on the bandwagon of fintechs that are revolutionising the banking sector, causing changes in the habits of non-digital native users. More and more users of this generation are opting for online shopping, as opposed to traditional banking processes.

Purchasing habits in generations X, Y, Z vary. For example: when it comes to making an online purchase via mobile phone, Tablet, voice assistants or SmartWatch, millennials outnumber Generation X. The same is not true for computer use, according to data published by Cyberclick.

 Key findings on omnichannel payments today

Considering that the centennials are the consumers of the future and that they are marked by the immediacy of the internet, they want everything instantly. Here and now. This is why e-commerce should not lose sight of this profile when offering omnichannel payment methods, where diversity and speed prevail.

A website that takes too long to load, the lack of a unified login and a common interface, confusing prices and unexpected costs, as well as limited alternatives in payment methods, are the main handicaps that increase shopping cart abandonment.

But something is changing under the slogan of new digital technologies. Adapting payment methods in e-commerce is essential for the proper functioning of the business. It is particularly important to know your users in order to offer the payment methods they usually use and to respond to their needs. What is known will always give them a vote of confidence.


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