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Published 16/09/2020 · 3 min read

More and more restaurants are opening their doors again after this phase of forced lockdown. Many are taking advantage of these rare times to reinvent their business: they come to us looking for new strategies to increase sales. The truth is that, if something has become clear in these months is that, those who have best led the closure have been those who had a sales website or were subscribed to home-delivery apps like Glovo, Justeat or Deliveroo. These have shown once again that the future of bars and restaurants is (at least in part) in having home delivery platforms.

Home service or delivery: a strategy to ensure the future of your restaurant in the long term

Implementing a home delivery service goes far beyond the Covid-19 crisis. Although it has been thanks to these difficult circumstances that delivery has become more and more popular, including this service in your restaurant business has benefits far beyond the crisis caused by the pandemic. It's also a way for you to position your business in the growing demand for food delivery. Therefore, what now seems to be a key to coping with this exceptional situation, in the future, your customers will take for granted that you offer this service. But don't be alarmed! We have some keys that will help you implement this new service efficiently. In particular, we have come to tell you about the optimal management of payments for delivery service.  

Implementing a home delivery service for your restaurant, you should be interested in learning about multichannel payment service

Whether you have a website to integrate a payment gateway or you're looking for simple ways for your delivery people to get the payments, a multi-channel payment service is the solution you're looking for. Why? Because it's the simplest, fastest and most versatile solution. It will allow you to process payments from a conventional payment terminal to the delivery man’s own phone. But first things first: what is a multichannel payment service? 

Multi-channel payment service consists of receiving payments from various platforms or channels, to give your client the best coverage

As a financial consultant, PayXpert is an expert in versatile payment channels, which you may surely be interested in:

  • SOFT MPOS: to accept payments from anywhere, and at any time, through your own smartphone device or from our payment terminal.
  • Pay By Link: very useful for apps or websites. It is a link that leads the customer to the payment gateway in a quick, simple and secure way.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)– Using phone calls. Customers will be redirected or can directly go to the automated solution to enter their payment information. In this way, we reduce the cost of a PCI-compliant call centre while conveying a sense of security to our customers. 

We've already seen some of the ways through which we can process payments for our business. But to integrate a fully optimised payment service, we have to take into account what payment methods our customers use. Regardless of whether we redirect users to the payment gateway via a link or whether the delivery man carries the payment device on his mobile phone, it is important that we offer as many payment methods as possible.

Some of the most popular and widespread payment systems are Visa and Mastercard. However, if we just leave it there, we are missing out on all those potential customers who use methods like AliPay, Wechat Pay or RuPay system.

AliPay, WeChat Pay and RuPay card payment system: payment methods you don't want to miss if you want to attract Chinese and Indian tourists.

By integrating the AliPay and WeChat Pay payment methods, you are betting on the most popular payment systems in the Chinese market, with millions of users, and increasing the appeal of your restaurant to Chinese visitors.

The RuPay, in turn, is the official card payment system of the National Payments Corporation of India and had over 600 million cards issues in 2022. Offering it among your payment gateways would multiply the appeal of your business to Indian customers.

Install multi-channel payment systems in your business, a future investment for your bar or restaurant

Multichannel payments are one of the key pieces for the sales strategy you're looking for in your business. It is one of the many ways in which financial technology allows us to connect the physical reality of our business with the digital world. In addition, it is a way to communicate to your customers that you are looking to offer them an optimal user experience in which the time of payment is as convenient and personalised as possible for them. By investing in the development of our business we increase the trust that our customers place in us, and we gain customer loyalty.

Financial technology puts at your disposal a whole array of management control tools to help you optimise your business finances

Deciding to work hand in hand with a financial consultant goes far beyond what you've been able to read so far. At PayXpert, we're experts in helping you understand your business’ finances as quickly and easily as possible. We work to save you time and money in financial management, which you can invest in the growth of your business. As experts in financial technology, we provide you with statistics that will show you at a glance the status of your conversion cycle, transaction activity or chargeback level, among other factors. We want to help you create added value for your business. Keeping track of your conversion cycle and optimising your finances has never been easier. 

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