How to increase conversion in eCommerce? Secure payments and more


Published 04/05/2021 · 3 min read

Highly secure eCommerce for large, medium, and small companies

Security is one of the pillars of any business, especially eCommerce. And we are not only talking about the security you offer to your customers; we are also talking about the protection of your eCommerce: learn how to sell online by controlling fraud. These two factors are what define eCommerce as a business strategy. How do you achieve this? Thanks to fintech tools tailored to the needs of your business. In other words: the security of your eCommerce is the result of a financial strategy that combines the best payment gateway for your customers and the tools that provide optimal management control for your business. Do you want to know what we are talking about? Here we explain it to you, read on!

The best online payment gateway for your eCommerce

How do you know if your payment gateway is secure and optimal? There are several factors that make a payment gateway the best payment system you can offer your customers: alternative payment methods, multi-acquiring network, smart routing, and tokenization, to seal transactions.

  • Alternative payment methods. One way to make your customers feel secure is to offer them their usual payment methods. You are most likely thinking of the most popular payment methods, such as PayPal or Visa, or Mastercard. We want to go one step further: we want you to offer your customers alternative payment methods, the ones that will allow you to reach more customers from all over the world. Payment methods such as Ali Pay +, WeChat Pay, Trustly, Union Pay, Przelewy24, Bancontact. The PayXpert payment gateway offers over 20 alternative payment methods from around the world, so your payment gateway does not set boundaries on your eCommerce.  Reach more customers and sell more with this simple gesture.
  • Multi-acquiring and Smart Routing, a secure and optimised system. An acquirer is the intermediary entity between the card and the banks involved and is responsible for receiving and managing the transaction. It may happen that, for various reasons (such as traffic), the acquirer may go down and result in a failed transaction. That's why an optimal payment gateway has a multi-acquiring network that, through Smart Routing, looks for the acquirer with the best availability/compatibility for each transaction. This reduces the rate of failed or rejected transactions, increasing your e-commerce conversion. As you can see, security is compatible with efficiency.
  • Tokenization, the finishing touch for the security of your eCommerce. Tokenization technology comes to offer the highest security in the financial transactions of your eCommerce. It consists of generating a number that is associated with each customer on their first purchase; unlike encryption, payment details are stored the first time the customer enters them so that he no longer has to re-enter them with each purchase, protecting them from possible decryption. Tokenization technology allows you to offer maximum security payments to your customers.

Fraud and eCommerce. How to protect your business?

Fraud was one of the most growing threats to eCommerce during the 2020 health crisis. Because e-commerce has become increasingly popular over the past few months, so has the number of online scams targeting thousands of online stores. To combat such practices, financial technology companies have developed systems to detect suspicious transactions, identifying strange behaviours in the purchase and payment process. As one of the leading experts in the fintech sector, we show you how we can help you increase security and combat fraud in your online store.

Increasing conversion and controlling risk? It's possible

Thanks to our flexible, scalable, and intelligent fraud prevention module we will differentiate between real and fraudulent shoppers. We use a detection system based on data analysis and focused on optimal risk management. Based on the data provided by the customer and their behaviour on the web, our system defines a risk level for the transaction. If this is higher than the one defined for eCommerce, the transaction is rejected. Whether you decide to work hand in hand with our team of experts or choose to automate it, fraud reduction is guaranteed.

In addition to our system for identifying fraudulent transactions, we want you to know our Dashboard, a system based on data management that will allow you to develop your best management control. Our secret weapon for financial optimisation. It is a dashboard that will allow you to keep under control the most critical values of your business finances, including fraud. Observe the peaks of greatest activity by days, hours, and geolocation. Identify and locate centres of fraud, and keep it under control. The ultimate tool to know the status of your business life, so you can make the most appropriate decisions for your business needs. Big data management at the service of your business: maximum security for you and your team.

A fintech partnership to optimally manage your business finances

After years of work to offer small and large companies an optimised management of their finances, we are recognised as one of the leading fintech companies in the sector. From our payment gateway to financial big data management: we can help you achieve your goals, through smart management of your business’ financial values. To find out more, visit our website or contact us, and discover how data analysis, business intelligence, payment technology and a team of experts at your service can help you achieve the best version of your business.

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