Alipay, the payment method that is setting trends in eCommerce

Diego Katzman

Diego Katzman
Published 04/01/2021 · 3 min read

Thinking of attracting more Chinese customers to your online business? Don't panic. Now, you can do it with fast, easy and smart payments. Because that's what Alipay allows, payment method that is setting trends in eCommerce in businesses around the world.

Let's see what this popular Chinese payment method is all about.


What is Alipay?

As we've been telling you, it's a Chinese payment method, but not just any payment method. It is a complete payment method that allows you to make payments from your Smartphone in a very simple way. It is a product of the electronic giant Alibaba, owned by Jack Ma. Its main objective is to optimise the way you pay for any type of product or service and to offer financial services to users.

With Alipay you can carry out:

    • Financial services. Link credit or debit cards to make payments with your mobile phone in a very simple way. 
    • Payments in restaurants and small shops.
  • Mobile top-ups.
  • Transfer payments.
  • Payment of electricity, water or community bills in any Chinese city.
  • Ask for a taxi or use of shared bicycles.

More than 600 million users already use it. In fact, it has become the most widely used and widespread means of mobile payment in China. A kind of Chinese PayPal that is easy to use, safe and fast. In order to use it, the user only needs to link their mobile phone, ID card, photo and bank account. Security is guaranteed.

An interesting fact! Many users relate this app to Aliexpress. And the truth is, quite rightly so, because it is also owned by Alibaba and Jack Ma and it allows payments to be made through this method. Their relationship is very strong.


5 reasons why your eCommerce needs Alipay

Welcome to the reasons that will convince you to start using Alipay in your online shop. Take note:

  • You will have access to over 600 million consumers. And you know what that means—more visibility, more attraction, more sales.
  • Quick payment process at checkout. No more wasted time. You'll see more conversions and sales in your business.
  • No extra exchange rate costs. Save money and improve the customer experience.
  • Real-time monitoring. So that nothing gets out of hand and your eCommerce works properly. And if any fault arises, it is quickly identified and corrected.
  • Support in marketing promotions. Let yourself be found.

Now that you know why you should use Alipay in your eCommerce, let's see why it's so popular among users:

  • It is an ecosystem of financial services (payments, transfers, loans...).
  • It's reliable. It is widely recognised.
  • It's safe. It prevents you from having to carry cash in your pocket.

By having your shop in Alipay, it will appear on the city page where your eCommerce is located, and that's really wonderful to increase visibility and, why not, your sales.


What are Alipay's marketing options?

To begin with, your online shop can easily increase its visibility with this platform. Chinese tourists will find information about it directly in the app. In addition, you can create promotional campaigns (coupons or discounts) for Chinese customers, send offers and news through geolocation push notifications when the user arrives in the given area, and finally, perform advertising actions available on the offers page and on the cities page.

Integrate Alipay into your eCommerce!


Why is Alipay a secure payment method?

The product of the giant Alibaba has become a totally secure payment method thanks to the biometrics it uses. Without a doubt, the number of Chinese people who use their smartphones to pay is increasing every day, and the big challenge is to protect users against fraud and other threats. How does Alipay achieve this?

Thanks to its security proposal based on technologies that use biometric features, such as facial recognition or fingerprinting. The goal is to identify the user without any room for error. As senior director Cao Kai says, "biometric identification will be very important in the future". 

The day will come when users will no longer use multiple names and passwords to identify themselves in online services, because technology will bring the possibility of integrating the person's identity and virtual identity into a single element. Among its proposals, we find facial recognition with Megvi, a start-up specialised in technology.

The great advantage of face to pay is that you don't need any special hardware, but a camera. And that's easy to get with any smartphone. On the other side, Alipay is working on security biometrics for mobile payments with Huawei Technologies. Users will be able to make their payments with Alipay Wallet without entering passwords. They will only have to slide their finger.

No cash, no card. While in the West we continue to struggle in order to pay and we are making mobile payments popular, China is moving forward to pay with the face, smile at the screen and leave a mark on the Smartphone.

A satisfied customer is a loyal customer, and the basis for mutual success!


Summarising Alipay

Alipay is not only an effective payment method, but also a system allied with the industry's leading suppliers to ensure a fast, safe and convenient service in eCommerces. It acts as a mediator between seller and buyer. In this way, when a user buys an item and pays for it, the money is kept by the company and is not paid to the seller until the product is received and it is confirmed that everything is perfect.

In short, Alipay is a great opportunity for your eCommerce and for users because of the many advantages it provides.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Is your eCommerce not getting enough sales? What are your Chinese customers' favourite methods?

Answer all your doubts with PayXpert and don't be left behind.


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