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Published 23/03/2021 · 3 min read

Are you clear on what WeChat is, what it’s for and how to make the most out of your company? In this post, you will find out. Accepting payments from customers in other countries has never been easier. Nor has extending the borders of your business. Not to mention the innovative experiences offered to users. WeChat Pay is more than just a payment method.

Are you ready to discover how to accept payments with WeChat?

Remembering what WeChat is

Before you continue reading, we would like to take a brief look at the definition of this platform. WeChat is a Chinese mobile social media application software that offers instant messaging and payment services, among other things. It was developed by the multinational company Tencent and it offers a multitude of services to make online payments, calls, use social networks, send messages, etc.

In short, it is the Chinese application that works for everything and brings together in a single place a wide range of features that, in other cases, we would need to do using different applications. This also has its advantages, such as saving space and time, and speeding up operations.

But let's get to the heart of the matter. How can you accept payments, what are the advantages and what role does it play in PayXpert?

How to accept WeChat payments in eCommerce

PayXpert is an international payment service provider that offers banking intermediation to eCommerce, helps you open your accounts at partner banks, and transfers end-user payments through an encrypted network. In short, it provides agility and security to transactions.

The trends and new launches derived from technologies are advancing at full speed and make users bet on tools that facilitate the shopping experience. WeChat Pay is a clear example. And that is precisely why PayXpert offers it as one of its payment methods.

As an online store, starting to accept WeChat payments is easy with PayXpert. We help you to become more visible to your Chinese customers and to receive their payments. As the most popular social network and mobile application in the country, you will have access to more than 1 billion users who use it for all kinds of needs. From making a purchase or ordering a taxi, to investing, sending free messages, paying your bills and making phone calls.

WeChat Pay is a payment feature built into the app itself and allows users to complete transactions quickly with their mobile phone. It has more than 200 million registered cards and 83% of users use this method to pay for online purchases. The figures doubled in 2016. Do you want to know how it works? Here are the different options it offers to receive payments. Use the one that best suits your business!

  • Online web. Users can read the QR code on your payment page and confirm immediately.
  • Online mobile App. WeChat users can make purchases directly on the official app account or directly access your e-commerce via WeChat Pay.
  • In-store ticket. Users can also scan the QR code in your store and confirm payment immediately. Seller and buyer will receive an instant payment confirmation.
  • In-store POS. The cashier enters the amount due in local currency and the WeChat Pay user scans and confirms the payment. The customer will receive the confirmation and the POS device will print the receipt.
  • In-store cashier. PayXpert can integrate WeChat Pay into its own IT solution so that the devices (scanner or MPOS) can be used in the same way as for regular payment card solutions.

Are you clear on how to accept WeChat payments and how this payment method works? Tell us your questions, we are waiting for you.

Advantages of accepting WeChat payments with PayXpert

We are much more than a payment gateway and we help you integrate WeChat payments into your online store. Taking into account its popularity in China, why not allow Chinese citizens to make payments with it in Spanish stores? This thought has led us to create a solution that facilitates the integration of payments with WeChat Pay. More and more businesses are offering it in Spain!

Here are the advantages for you and your customers:

  • Easy integration without additional costs.
  • WeChat transaction reports available to you in real time.
  • Chinese users avoid bank fees or having to carry cash.
  • Settlement in local currencies.
  • Paying with a payment method they know and trust.
  • You make things easier for these Chinese customers.

In addition, with PayXpert and our specialised partners you can organise your Chinese communication within the official WeChat account, as well as enjoy the benefits it brings to your business marketing. Thanks to geo-localised marketing, your business achieves greater visibility among Chinese buyers.

It also highlights the popular Chinese tradition of the red envelope, where people donate money to relatives, friends or employees. Since they can also do so with this payment method, it has become the prevailing method.

As for WeChat Banners, it takes the form of a friend’s update (WeChat advertising appears on the timeline, between friends’ updates), WeChat Ads (advertising is shown as a combination of photos, text, videos and links that the user can interact with) and WeChat Ads comments (if the same ad is shown to several friends , they can see each other’s comments on the ad).

The app’s service accounts are used for brands that require followers to proactively interact with them. Subscription accounts use push notifications to communicate with their followers. And finally, enterprise accounts have high visibility, security, and more possibilities than other traditional WeChat accounts.

More and more industries are opting for this payment system, so what are you waiting for? What are you worried about? Tell us about it and join the current payments market.

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