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Published 13/01/2021 · 3 min read

Offering the main local payment methods anywhere in the world

When card payment appeared on stage in the 1960s, we found it amazing to do our shopping with a simple piece of plastic. As with all novelties, it was difficult for them to become popular: in Spain they did not become widespread until the 80s. Today, paying by card seems to be the most natural (and convenient) thing to do: 70% of buyers choose credit or debit card as their usual form of payment.  Indeed, the emergence of such an innovative payment method was a real revolution for the payments industry (and would open the door to online commerce).

Online payment platforms, the next step

The emergence of payment cards opened the way for e-commerce, appearing years later in the 1990s. E-commerce has evolved since then, popularising itself and gaining consumers' confidence, at first reluctant to give up physical commerce.

Today, as of 2020, e-commerce has become a necessity for many businesses, which see online sales as a unique opportunity to overcome the effects of the COVID crisis. Everything points to the fact that this crisis will mark an irreversible trend in consumption habits: we are increasingly used to e-commerce and are asking for more of it.

Alternative payment methods to increase your conversion

For merchants who want to take e-commerce a step further, alternative payment methods come into the picture. And the opportunities they offer are endless: selling more online, getting your business to new international customers, offering the best user experience... In short, it helps you increase your conversion in the short and long term. But what are alternative payment methods? When we talk about alternative payment methods, we are talking about payment methods other than card or cash (the most popular payment methods).

We are referring, for example, to all the new payment opportunities offered by mobile apps. They are gradually becoming popular in Spain, and in some countries such as China or India, they are already one of the main forms of payment for consumers. We're talking about Ali Pay, WeChat Pay or the Indian RuPay payment system.

Choose a payment gateway with the main local payment methods anywhere in the world

Why integrate alternative payment methods into your payment gateway? How can payment methods such as AliPay, WeChat Pay or RuPay help you sell more? As you may know, e-commerce has become one of the most important pillars of many retailers by 2020. Offering international payment methods allows you to open the doors of your business to new international customers.

Did you know that WeChat Pay alone has one billion regular users? It is followed by Ali Pay, with more than 600 million users using it as a payment method for their national and international purchases. The RuPay system, on the other hand, is the preferred payment method for Indians, with more than 600 million cards issued in 2020. 

Offer new payment methods with an industry expert

As experts in payment technology, we know that security is one of the most important factors for our customers when choosing a financial partner. At PayXpert we develop payment and financial management technology with the maximum security guarantees for you and your customers. Since the company was founded in 2009, we have gained experience as fintech experts. Today, our payment and financial management technology is one of the most innovative and cutting-edge on the market. Our team specialises in developing technology tailored to the needs of small and large companies, designed with a clear objective: optimising their finances and increasing their conversion. Our customers choose us for two of our greatest added values: innovation and resilience, essential values from which we develop our financial optimisation tools.

Is financial technology for me? Uses and benefits of technology in your finances

We can show you that our tools are much more than a promise: they are results for you, your team and your customers. Short and long-term results. How do you integrate financial technology into your business?

Business intelligence: We've developed the latest data management techniques to give you an easier way to analyse the main KPIs of your payments.

Dashboards: discover our complete dashboards; with them, you will be able to observe in an analytical way the peaks of activity of your business in real time. Through the most intuitive statistics you will be able to track your transactions from all possible angles in order to know essential factors for the growth of your business. You'll be able to control the behaviour of your customers, going from general transaction data to a specific transaction in a few clicks.

Global Acquiring: As a global merchant acquirer, PayXpert provides you with a complete and global payment gateway. Our goal: to adapt the technology to your business to save you time and money. Through our multi-acquiring network in more than 170 countries and supporting over 150 different currencies, we provide you with maximum compatibility and a payment gateway with optimal coverage. Grow your business with cross-border payments. A payment gateway to sell to the maximum number of customers and countries.

PayXpert helps you boost sales and streamline the payment process

To increase your conversion, you have to understand the factors that determine it: transaction activity, risk management, fraud control. Even if you have enough time, understanding them requires specialised tools. At PayXpert, we have made technology the ally you need to keep an optimised management control and offer the best payment gateway to your customers. 

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