6 fintech trends to increase your business conversion in 2022


Published 14/02/2022 · 2 min read

 Keys to optimise your company's finances and payments 

Before the pandemic, the integration of fintech solutions was a strategy that only a few (the largest companies) dared to implement. However, with the healthcare crisis that started in 2020 and the changing market trends, fintech has become a key solution in the face of a primarily digital and user centric market. We bring you the top 6 main fintech trends for 2022:

1 Digital Banking 

Partly because of the restrictions caused by the pandemic, global consumer habits have and are changing. This is perfectly reflected in the increasing prevalence of digital banking, and the closure of many of its physical branches around the world.

In contrast, the digital band offers an improved user experience, as well as more and more efficient services. According to Statista, 64.6% of Americans were already using online banking in 2021, highlighting the transformative power of digital banking at this historic moment in time.

This brings with it the rise of contactless payment methods, and the transition to an increasingly real cashless society, where physical money as such is replaced by cards, mobile payments, digital payments, and a long list of new and improved payment methods. That's right: financial technology is on its way to being the central pillar of global commerce.

2 Data management and business intelligence 

Information and its use for better business management has become one of the main sources of wealth today. Why? Because thanks to financial big data management and business intelligence processes, companies around the world can make an expert analysis of their KPIs in real time, knowing in real time their business performance. This is one of the biggest advantages of financial technology solutions, and one that can benefit small, medium and large companies around the world.

3 Blockchain technology 

According to a study by PR Newswire, the blockchain market size is expected to grow from three billion dollars in 2020, to reach thirty-nine billion dollars by 2025. Blockchain is without a doubt the biggest financial innovation today, why? Because it is a model for the joint management of finances, where they are completely decentralised from the parties. The growing acceptance and popularisation of this system aims to make it another of the central elements of the finance and economy of the future.

4 Interactive Voice Response for Payment Processing 

One of the most versatile payment channels is interactive voice response, which allows you to handle and manage your customers’ payments, with infinitely greater availability than a call centre. And with improved security for your customers. An improved payment service to offer more options to your customers, responding in the best way to their needs.

5 The best payment gateway for your physical store 

Although digital commerce is gradually taking over the market, physical commerce still holds a key position for the average consumer. That is why it is not enough to continue offering traditional payment solutions; brick and mortar commerce can also benefit from financial technology to offer the best payment gateway for physical stores.

We introduce our highly acclaimed point-of-sale terminal. Compatible with more than 180 different currencies, and adapted for people with hearing or visual impairments, our POS will allow you to offer the best of in-store payments with the flexibility of a financial technology solution.

6 Marketplaces 

The digitalisation of commerce has led to the rise of marketplaces, or digital marketplaces where we can find products from different brands or suppliers. How can we manage transactions on such large commercial platforms? The answer also lies in financial technology. A unique solution to manage all transaction traffic between partners in a marketplace ecosystem, whether B2C, B2B, or C2C is fundamental. 

The best financial technology now at your business’ fingertips 

We are fintech experts, and we want to offer you the best in management control services and payment technology so that you can offer the best to your customers. Since we started in 2009, it has been clear that our clients’ results are our results. Do you want to position yourself in the market of the future? We want to help you by providing you with the latest in financial innovation. Visit our website to learn about our best solutions, or contact us to receive personalised advice from our team of experts.

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