3 digital commerce trends to sell more in 2022


Published 16/03/2022 · 3 min read

Rediscover the potential of your business thanks to fintech

After a somewhat atypical few months in terms of sales for small and medium-sized businesses, it is time to set new goals to focus on in order to reach more customers. Although the recent pandemic affected consumption and many retailers were forced to close physical stores, consumers around the world turned to the internet and on-line shopping in order to buy their favourite goods and services.

As a result, statistics suggest that the economic recovery trend seen in 2021, is set to continue more than ever throughout 2022, according to data provided by Merctor Advisory Group.

Some of the sectors with the most reasons to be optimistic are: all those related to tourism, hospitality and, ultimately, entertainment and leisure. Many online retailers saw their sales increase, partly due to consumers' need for an alternative to physical shopping. Consumers are looking for new ways to enjoy themselves more than ever, which is why seasonal holidays periods have become key dates for small and large retailers alike, heading into 2022.

However, the sudden and unexpected rise of eCommerce, has meant many businesses do not have the necessary infrastructure to meet the online needs of consumers. Examples include insufficient supply chains, delays in shipping, or even difficulty in managing stock across platforms.

Putting all this into context, we can draw two main conclusions. First, that the migration to digital payments and commerce brought about by COVID-19 is going to transcend, according to Thad Peterson, Strategic Advisor at Aite-Novarica Group; therefore, it is time to develop a strategy to not only cope with, but also benefit from these new circumstances.

Secondly, holidays or special trading dates have become a new milestone that you cannot ignore if you want to make the most of this new digital trading paradigm.

Do you want to know how to sell more online in 2022? Here you can find 3 ecommerce trends to take your business to the next level.

3 eCommerce trends for 2022

Omnichannel payments, a tool to take the market by storm

Although physical stores started to reopen a few months ago, online sales via web or mobile app are growing in popularity. In addition, consumer expectations regarding this service are increasing, and it is now normal to receive orders in a few days, as well as having flexible and fast return policies.

To satisfy this new consumer trend, multichannel payments are coming: a full range of payment methods that allow your customers to choose which payment format they prefer, according to their needs and circumstances at the time. Some examples are: soft MPOS, pay-by-link or IVR, among many others. A whole new world of opportunities to make the moment of payment a convenient and tailor-made phase for your customer, whatever the type of payment. It is no coincidence that 9 out of 10 consumers prioritise convenience when choosing where to shop.

But that is not all. Having a (digital) order processing and synchronisation structure is vital to respond to this diversification of payment channels. At PayXpert we have come up with a multichannel fintech solution that allows merchants to manage all their orders in a unified way, while being in full control of their statistics.

Contact-less payments, here to stay

If anything comes to mind when we think about how the pandemic has impacted commerce, it is contactless payments. With the need to minimise contact in stores, all those methods where the customer could pay either by card or with the phone’s NFC system were boosted.

And we have to admit, in PayXpert we were ready for it. Our POS is one of our most acclaimed fintech solutions not only by our clients but also by the financial technology industry nationwide. If you want to integrate the best payment technology in your store, we recommend you take a look at what we have for you on our website.

The best management control to sell not only more, but better

Keeping track of your business’ financial activity is a must, if you want to sell to your business’ full potential, whether online or offline. Business intelligence is the fintech solution born to offer you the best management control, in the form of an intuitive dashboard. Do you want to know more? Click here to learn about one of our most powerful tools.

Is that all there is to it? No, at PayXpert we have much more to offer you. Visit our website or contact us. Discover a whole world of fintech solutions to rediscover your business potential in 2022.

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