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Published 29/09/2021 · 2 min read

The transformation from physical to digital commerce continues pressing forward at full speed. As digital transactions continue to rapidly grow, payment solutions have quickly become a huge topic of interest this year.

A swift digital transformation is and will remain a very critical strategic issue for the much-discussed retail-to-online digital transformation boom, and it is one of the main reasons why at PayXpert we focus on updating our products and services regularly with the best practices and technologies, always innovating to enable our customers, the merchants to expand and sell much more.

Announcement: PayXpert receives approval from French scheme Carte Bancaire.

We are thrilled to share that we've successfully received consent from Carte Bancaire for card-present (contact) Visa and MasterCard transactions.

Nicolas Riegert, CEO at PayXpert LTD, stated: “We are happy to join the exclusive French payments scheme to contribute our international know-how and our capacity for innovation. Thanks to our agile development methods and the excellent investment of our teams, we were able to develop in record time a new architecture that includes the specifications of the manufacturers and the experiential requirements of customers. Through this approval from Carte Bancaire, we hope to demonstrate our ability to proactively participate in the evolution of the highly dynamic payments industry.”

A live merchant pilot will take place soon. Stay tuned!

Announcement: PayXpert and RuPay partner to provide Indian consumers access to alternative payments in Europe.

RuPay is India's first-of-its-kind Global Card payment network, with wide acceptance at Shops, ATMs, and online.

We are delighted to announce that we've officially become one of the first European members of RuPay. Now, we give merchants the ability to offer Indian consumers the opportunity to pay with their RuPay cards when in Europe.  We have received technical integration documents and their due diligence requirements to become a direct acquirer for RuPay in Europe. This project will include both card and QR code payments.

“I am delighted to partner with RuPay to provide alternative payment methods to merchants in the UK and Europe. This is an enormous step in the right direction to achieve our mission of helping merchants offer more payment methods to consumers around the world. We expect great things to come from this alliance” said David Armstrong, Managing Director at PayXpert LTD.

We look forward to working with them on this exciting new partnership!


PayXpert confirms its presence at Paris Retail Week 2021

At PayXpert we feel very fortunate to attend live events again, especially events that highlight the retail sector and its impact on a multicultural market. There will be plenty of room for negotiation, networking, and talks in the eCommerce sector, together with 600 participating companies and 25,000 attendees.

Our representatives will be pleased to welcome you at the Stand F022 for further inquiries and in-booth presentations during the event. Also, you can make an appointment in advance by emailing sales@payxpert.com

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