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Diego Katzman

Diego Katzman
Published 03/05/2021 · 2 min read

Digital transactions continue to rapidly grow. Payment solutions have quickly become a huge topic of interest in 2021. Streamlining payment operations for both physical and eCommerce transactions is and will remain a very hot topic this year for the anticipated retail-to-online digital transformation boom. That’s why PayXpert focuses on keeping its products and services up to date with the best shopping experiences, CMS platforms, fintech apps and payment gateway features, with value-adding technologies that enable our merchants to expand and sell much more.

Announcement: PayXpert and Multipay Global Solutions partner to provide global merchants with access to alternative payments

The current Covid-19 pandemic economic environment has forced many businesses to adapt and to go into a defensive mode. Retailers have never been more in need of a unified commerce solution since the pandemic. At PayXpert we wanted to do more to help our merchants, so we went ahead and added a new partnership to our extensive ecosystem.

multipay-global-payment-solutionsLike PayXpert, one of Multipay’s core values aims at helping merchants with their cross-border operations. MultiPay Global Solutions  all-in-one agnostics payment solution combines a unique API that acts as a single point of integration between any payment method, any acquirer in any country. MultiPay’s gateway works across all payment channels in any sector. Combining its technology with its expertise, MultiPay provides a seamless payment experience and couture service for its customers.

Delia Pedersoli, COO at MultiPay Global Solutions stated “We are very excited about going into partnership with PayXpert. Off the shelf payment solutions simply don’t meet the new requirements of large merchants and their customers. We’ve built MultiPay to provide a premium, couture payment technology and integration that is built around our customers’ bespoke requirements. This partnership will enable merchants to let their customers use their usual and preferred payment types, via a personalised payment experience.”

Multipay Global Solutions will be offering our alternative payment services, such as WeChat Pay, Alipay, and Mir to their existing customer base. They have a focus on large global retailer brands and already work with top brands such as Zara, Pull&Bear, Ecco, Bershka and many more.

MultiPay was founded in the UK by being the first Company to provide a standalone P2Pe payment solution and this was quickly followed by expanding to France, Ireland and Spain. In 2017 they went live in 22 countries across Europe. We look forward to working with them on this exciting new partnership!


Developer’s corner: Seamless Checkout updated to 1.4.0

Our development team has worked hard this month on updating our Seamless Checkout functionality. You can review the 1.4.0 updated Seamless Checkout features here:

New javascript events are now supported

payxpert-seamless-checkoutYou can add new features to the Seamless Checkout in your store! Seamless Checkout is a beautiful way to increase your sales and conversion by making the payment process short and sweet directly from your product or checkout page.

Seamless Checkout now triggers javascript events if the customer clicks the checkout button, this is useful for example in cases where the merchant has an integration with Google Analytics and needs to get more specific metrics on their checkout page.

Check out what seamless checkout is and what it can do for you, or go to our documentation to learn more about integrating it in your store.


Other News

UK Headquarters Change of Offices

payxpert-mapWe would like to remind you of our new office location and address in London. Effective from last 29th March 2021, the new PayXpert LTD address in the UK is:

199 Bishopsgate 
London, EC2M 3TY
United Kingdom

If you have any questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@payxpert.com.


Industry Recognition

Raul Sanchez @ Innovation Finance Congress

innovation-finance-congressRaul Sanchez, our Iberian Regional Manager joined a panel of Payment and eCommerce Experts, at the Innovation Finance Congress  event from CMS. He had a great discussion on Payment Gateways and the importance of security in transactions with experts from companies like Leroy Merlin or associations such as Retail Lab.


3DSv2? No problem!

We are proud to inform you that our 3DSV2 roll out with European Acquirers continues to advance smoothly. We will keep you informed of any new developments of interest related to the implementation of this enhanced security standard.

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