Why optimising your business finances will attract more customers


Published 04/05/2022 · 3 min read

How to get and retain customers in 2022

Market globalisation has opened many doors for businesses around the world. However, it has also brought with it many challenges that require us to equip our business with the right tools. According to a Harvard Business Review report, the companies that have been most successful in dealing with these new rules of the game have opted for the most efficient strategy of all: offering products and services as standardised as possible to meet the demands of the global market. In other words, offering innovative, flexible and efficient products and services at a reduced price. Gone are the days when products were customised as much as possible to suit local markets; the key to success in today's market is to understand your customers' needs and offer products and services that best meet the broader needs of your customers, without overlooking the more specific needs of local markets.

How to win more customers in 2022? Why fintech holds the key

In other words, the key to today’s market is to understand your customers’ needs at the most global level possible, right? Once you offer a product or service that responds to the broader needs of your customers, you are not only responding in the best way to your business demand, but you are also optimising your business finances as much as possible. What does this mean? By getting the best performance from both your product and the internal workings of your business, the cost of production is reduced, and you can offer your customers a more competitive final price. In other words, through product and financial optimisation tools, you will be able to offer a better end service at a better price: the two main keys to not only getting more customers, but also securing them in the medium and long term.

This is all well and good, but how do you put it into practice in your business? Financial technology holds the key. In this post we tell you why and how you can easily implement it in your business to win more customers in 2022.

Fintech tools to win more customers in 2022

Business intelligence to understand your customers’ needs and offer an optimised product or service

With market globalisation, we are also experiencing its diversification: we are reaching more and more people in various parts of the world. This opportunity needs to be harnessed with tools that help us understand this new version of our business. Business intelligence was born to address this.

PayXpert's business intelligence tool collects and analyses your business data, and provides you with descriptive graphs showing the performance of your key business KPIs, such as sales, conversion and risk.

How does this benefit you as a merchant?

The advantages of an intelligent data analysis system are clear: you get an expert and intuitive view of your business finances, which not only gives you insight into the behaviour and preferences of your customers, wherever they are from, but also allows you to react more quickly to market changes, as you can track your KPIs live and on-demand.

Will I be able to understand an expert KPI analysis?

Of course you will! Our goal as expert fintech advisors goes far beyond designing innovative solutions for the optimisation of your business; we deliver them through intuitive and highly descriptive interfaces. Through our dashboard, you can understand at a glance the evolution of your indicators and track your business sales from a global level to individual sales tracking. Interactive maps, heatmaps, and our sunburst graph: we don't want you to miss a thing.

Alternative payment methods to sell worldwide

Thanks to our transaction monitoring and reporting tools, you will also be able to see your customers’ payment habits: their usual payment method, their payment currency... And how can you offer a payment gateway tailored to the needs of all your customers (no matter where they are from) using our alternative payment methods.

At PayXpert we have developed a payment gateway with more than 25 international payment methods, compatible with more than 100 different currencies, to ensure the success of your business regardless of your customers’ country of origin. Traditional payment gateways with only 3 alternatives are long gone: get ahead of your competition thanks to the best payment gateway for your business, with the most comprehensive offer of alternative and international payment methods.

Fintech tools to reach more customers in the short and long term

By better understanding the financial performance of your business, we can better understand your customers’ needs. By better understanding your customers’ needs, we can not only offer them a more optimal product, but also a payment service tailored to their needs.

The result? Increased business performance, reduced production costs and the opportunity to offer more competitive prices. The tools of the world's leading companies, now also accessible to small and medium-sized businesses. Financial technology to take your business to the next level, and reach more customers in the short and long term.

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