What you probably don't know about online payment platforms in 2020


Published 09/12/2020 · 3 min read

The latest trends in online payment platforms that you can't ignore if you want to succeed with e-commerce.

The e-payment industry is constantly evolving, and with it, commerce and consumer trends. In recent years, an increasing consumer trend towards electronic consumption has been detected. The digitalisation of shops brings with it the need for brands to find payment platforms that meet their customers’ expectations. We bring you the latest trends in the electronic finance sector that you cannot ignore if you want to sell more in 2020.


The end customer wants financial technology.

Increasingly, the buyer is getting used to "on-demand" finance. Thanks to paid mobile apps or personal finance management, this is an increasingly widespread resource. It is a fact that financial technology is increasingly in demand by more and more e-commerces, precisely to jump on the bandwagon of financial innovation. Investment in financial digitalisation is growing year after year. So much so that, by 2015, fintech start-ups may be earning $4.7 trillion annually from the financial services market, according to Goldman Sachs. The flexibility and agility of fintech gives rise to the development of financial payment solutions, enabling merchants and users to manage their money in new ways.  

According to the consulting firm Deloitte & Touche, technology "is a driving force for a future marked by renewed financial services and payment platforms, which will not give up the highest security assurance levels for both the end consumer and the merchant.


How Financial Big Data Management can help you grow.

Of course, the financial technology sector has also jumped on the bandwagon of Big Data Management. But how? How can the fintech industry help you better manage your business or sell more? Financial Big Data is all the data that is generated from a company's financial activity. Through the management and processing of data, we can develop, for example, graphs or statistics that help us segment our clientele, or detect fraud, or manage risk levels.

Data Management applications are endless, and can definitely be invaluable to your company's finances, if you know how to use it. Today there are fintech consultants who can help you discover the benefits Big Data management has for your business. At PayXpert we show you how to get the most out of it and turn it into one of the added values of your business. 


Innovation in payment platforms.

If , you will feel like you have gone back a thousand years. The truth is that the rapid evolution of technology has accustomed us to a constant renewal and improvement of payment methods and devices. From cards with an electronic band to mobile payments or Pay By Link, where a URL link is all you need to make an online payment in seconds.

Among all this constant barrage of innovation, there is a clear common factor: everything evolves around the simplification of processes for the end customer (always with the highest security assurance for the user and for the merchant). It is an obligation for merchants to include new payment platforms that guarantee their customers a timely response to this growing demand.  

The good news is that there are already companies dedicated to integrating financial technology and the most innovative payment platforms in companies like yours. Companies such as PayXpert, whose objective is to provide small and large entrepreneurs with an efficient use of technology, aimed at optimising their management control and user experience (and with excellent results).

But we want you to discover first-hand why financial technology can be a good ally for your business. Visit our website and discover client testimonials. Customers like you with an improved version of their finances and results.


Tokenization: maximum security in your payments thanks to fintech

A common question among those who are considering investing in the digitalisation of their finances is: is it safe? What about the risk of fraud? Can my client be afraid of being swindled by third parties? These are totally normal questions: after all, you're asking your customers to enter their bank details into your payment platform, and you want to ensure maximum confidentiality and security.

Tokenization is a much more reliable security method than encrypted data. Unlike these, tokens are not reversible through a decryption key. A token is a series of randomly generated numbers, which are associated with a user's purchase profile. In this way, the data travel through the payment processors without the possibility of being revealed.

The aim of PayXpert is the constant innovation of fintech tools to offer our customers the most cutting-edge and efficient trends in the industry. As expert payment consultants, we are a benchmark for innovation and we want to put it within your reach through our services. We believe it is possible to offer you an improved version of your management control and give your client the best in terms of payment methods. We know we can save you time and money, and we believe in financial technology as the vehicle towards an improved version of you.  

But we want you to choose us as your ally. Visit our website and discover the benefits that our services and tools can offer you. Learn about our client testimonials and imagine how we could help you. Do you need personalised advice? Contact us without obligation and let us know your situation. There's a fintech solution tailored to you. 

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