WeChat Pay and AliPay, the new payment methods coming from China


Published 04/11/2020 · 3 min read

What are payment methods? How are they different from payment channels? Many people have thought of payments by SMS, link, QR code or mobile phone, but the means by which the payment is made constitutes the channel, while payment platforms, such as WeChat Pay and AliPay, are the method.

Do you handle daily payments from customers in different parts of the world? Businesses and consumers are increasingly working, thinking and living digitally, and it is essential to have their transaction systems in order to attract these customers. PayXpert is the intermediary platform capable of adapting the operation of payments to the different countries where you sell.

Are you ready to take the leap?


WeChat and AliPay, what are they?

They are two of the most popular payment methods in China and you can easily integrate them into your payment solutions with the PayXPert gateway:


WeChat Pay. The Chinese Application that does it all

If you dream of being more visible to your Chinese customers, PayXpert is the perfect place to help you gain visibility and receive their payments. WeChat is the most popular social network and mobile application in China and it includes instant messaging, payment services and shops. It was developed by Tencent and has it has over 1 billion active users per month. Can you imagine being present in such an immense showcase?

There is a reason why it is known as the most versatile and innovative application on the market, or the Chinese Application that can do everything. That’s right, because in it you can have a variety of features that, in other circumstances, you would have to perform with various individual applications:

  • Sending messages.
  • Posting reviews.
  • Social networks to meet people.
  • Sending money to friends.
  • Using it as an electronic wallet.
  • Shopping.
  • Taxi request.
  • Etcetera.

Have you thought about how many Google Play or App Store applications this App is equivalent to? From the point of view of mobile payments, WeChat Pay is a payment feature integrated into the WeChat App, where users can quickly complete the payment with their smartphones. The main advantages for your eCommerce and your customers are:

  • Easy integration, no initial costs.
  • Real-time transaction reports.
  • Chinese consumers avoid paying commissions or carrying cash.
  • Settlement in local currencies.
  • Paying with a payment method they know and trust.
  • By accepting WeChat Pay you make things easier for your Chinese customers.

The operation of this payment method offers different options (online web, online mobile App, in-store ticket, in-store POS, in-store cashier).

PayXpert and its specialised partners will support you in your Chinese communication within your own official WeChat account, enjoying the benefits in the marketing and commercialisation of your business (geolocated marketing, to make the shop more visible; red envelopes to follow the Chinese tradition; WeChat banners; service accounts for brands that want followers to interact in a proactive way; etc.).


AliPay. Attract more Chinese customers to your business

This app allows you to make payments with your mobile phone in a simple way and its main goal is to optimise the way you pay for any type of product or service, as well as to offer financial services to users. In short, AliPay attracts more Chinese customers to your online business with fast, easy and smart payments.

Not only does it offer financial services, but also the possibility of paying quickly and easily in restaurants, small shops, making payments with bills, transfers, etc. That's why more than 600 million users already use it. With AliPay features, your online shop:

  • Will have access to millions of consumers.
  • Will speed up the checkout process.
  • Will monitor in real time.
  • Will have support in marketing promotions.
  • Will appear on the page of the city where it is located.
  • And at no extra cost in the exchange rate.

Users already use this app for its popularity (it is an ecosystem of financial services for making transfers, payments and loans), its trust (it is the platform of the e-commerce giant in China, Alibaba) and for its security (no need to carry cash).

At PayXpert we adapt this solution to your business, we give you the option to create promotional campaigns for Chinese customers using AliPay, you will be able to send offers and news through geolocation push notifications when the user reaches the specific area, etc.

Why should you accept AliPay with PayXpert? 5 reasons that will convince you:

  • We are an official partner of AliPay and a regulated payment institution throughout Europe.
  • We have more than 100 alternative payment methods integrated into our platform.
  • We are experts with knowledge of the Chinese payment market.
  • We have the most innovative and secure technology to receive your payments.
  • We create promotional campaigns already available in the app.

Do you need us? We are here.


Gain visibility on the payment methods your customers use

Perhaps this is one of the great benefits of WeChat Pay and AliPay payment methods with PayXpert, because there is no better way to make yourself known than by being where your consumers need you. Not only will you gain visibility, but you'll increase your revenue, attract new customers, improve the performance of your transactions, prevent fraud, and reduce payment errors.

Adapting to the payment methods used by your customers is a good indicator of success. Even better, with PayXpert you can have a dashboard from which you can control all transactions, view sales by currency, geography, websites and business models, track transactions (acceptance and rejection), control chargebacks and refunds in real time, and have a variety of filters. The figures you need are just a click away.

Explore your data to understand your customers and their purchases!

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