How to Utilise Alipay+ and WeChat Pay Promotional Material

Jie Zhou

Jie Zhou
Published 13/03/2024 · 1 min read

Do you know there are all-year-long and special promotion season marketing materials sponsored by Alipay+/WeChat Pay? If you are a merchant who already supports Alipay+/WeChat Pay, then you have a solid foundation to win Chinese consumers, and taking advantage of those marketing campaigns will further help you.

All-year-long marketing stickers or flyers:

Merchants can easily place them in your store windows or the checkout counter. Customers only need to scan the promotional QR before making the payment to obtain the rewards.

What can customers benefit from scanning the promotional QR code?

  • Exchange rate offer: This usually gives customers a favourable exchange rate lower than the usual rate applied when paying with Alipay+ and WeChat Pay.
  • Store coupons and discounts: This can be a random amount of a store coupon, a random percentage of a discount, or even the lucky draw of one free order.

Seasonal marketing materials:

There are also special QR code promotion materials sponsored by Alipay+/WeChat Pay during big Chinese holiday seasons, such as National Day-Golden Week and Chinese New Year where Chinese consumers are happy to spend.

Similar to the all-year-long campaign, seasonal marketing campaigns offer currency exchange offers and coupon benefits to consumers. In addition, those seasonal campaigns often have stacked offers, such as extra discounts.

How can QR promotional material help European and UK merchants?

  1. Attract Chinese Customers to visit the store and encourage spending by using their familiar and preferred payment methods to win those incentives.
  2. Improve customers’ shopping experience and satisfaction via rewards and coupons.
  3. Foster stronger client relationships by being culturally sensitive and friendly.
  4. Build customer loyalty and user stickiness by engaging and interacting with them.
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