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Published 03/03/2021 · 3 min read

Generating traffic, creating leads...And finally, converting them into your most loyal customers

Selling online has many advantages. The most obvious: maximum availability and reaching customers everywhere. But it also has a big disadvantage: the competition is strong and very prepared. That's why you need a strategy tailored to your business model and buyer persona. At PayXpert we want to help you shape this strategy. How? Keep reading. In today's post we talk about how to sell more online, step by step.

(Some) of the keys to success in selling on the internet

The first thing to learn how to sell online, is to generate web traffic to your ecommerce. Some of the most effective and simple ways are: being present on social networks and generating interesting content on a regular basis, collaborating with other websites, brands or profiles that can give you exposure, writing your own blog (such as the one you are reading)... Generating more web traffic to your ecommerce is great, but it is not enough: you have to go further. You have to create leads.

How to generate quality leads? The difference between visitor and potential customer

The next step is to create leads. What are leads? In digital marketing, potential customers are called leads: people who show interest in your brand and leave you some kind of contact (name, mail). How to create leads? First you have to think about the interests of your web visitors. Do you have an online store for beauty products? An ecommerce for sports nutrition? A good way to turn visitors into leads is by creating content related to your brand (guides, workshops, ebooks), which users can get by entering their email address. In this way, you offer a small sample of your product or service, generate interesting content and become one of the reference brands for your lead.

Generate web traffic, create leads... And start selling more online

Once you have a brand that generates interest, an optimised website, and a good lead generation strategy, you need to make sure your customers get the best user experience possible. This is the best way to not only thank them for their trust in you, but also to build customer loyalty. A good user and shopping experience not only benefits the customer, but in turn translates into fewer abandoned carts, lower fraud rates and increased conversion.

How to offer a good user experience in your ecommerce?

When it comes to turning leads into customers and selling more online, the shopping experience is one of the most important elements (and also one of the most overlooked). Most online stores have a payment gateway that only offers the two main payment methods. Large ecommerces, on the other hand, know the importance of offering a simple but complete payment gateway. As experts in payment technology and financial optimisation tools, we know what makes a good payment gateway.

The best payment gateway is from a fintech leader

The payment method is one of the many things that connects you to your customer. A customer you can now reach wherever they are, thanks to the vast reach of e-commerce. But do you offer all the payment methods your customers expect from you? Selling online offers you the opportunity to internationalise your business if you know how to take advantage of it. Our payment gateway offers more than 20 payment methods and 180 alternative currencies, allowing you to generate maximum payment compatibility, increasing your customer base and offering a high-quality user experience.

Multi-acquiring is another feature that every efficient payment gateway must have. At PayXpert we have developed a network of up to 10 acquirers for our payment gateways, with which to increase the payment acceptance rate. How? By redirecting each transaction to the most appropriate acquirer, avoiding the uncomfortable and untimely network crashes that can leave your customer at the doorway of the purchase. Reduce abandoned carts and increase conversion.

Multi-channel payments for unified commerce

Unified commerce is the most complete and functional sales strategy you can develop. It's about offering a wide range of payment channels, interconnected, and integrating them into your platforms. This way your customers will know that they have the option to complete their purchase through different channels at any time. PayXpert's multichannel payments are designed to be easily integrated, do you want to know them? Some of these channels are: the usual digital payments, the versatile SOFT MPOS, MOTO... But it is better that you visit our website and take a look at the ones that best suit the needs of your business and customers.

What are seamless payment or invisible payments and why can they improve your UX?

Invisible payments are one of the emerging trends in the payments industry, only suitable for ecommerce companies that want the most efficient and innovative payment technology. What is Seamless payment? These are payments made without a card or any of the usual payment methods. Some of the main invisible payments are revolutionary methods such as facial biometrics (also known as selfie pay), PCI UVR or payment through interactive voice response... Fintech development is geared towards such solutions, where shopping is a natural and automated act in people’s everyday lives, better adapting to their lifestyles and preferences.

2020 has forced many businesses to learn how to sell online. Starting to sell online is not easy. Luckily, there are experts dedicated to developing the most efficient financial technology and making it available to small and large companies. Our goal at PayXpert is to help you optimise your finances and collections in a smart and affordable way. Do you want to know how? Visit our website to learn about the benefits of one of the leading financial partners in the sector. We know we can do a lot together. We want you to discover what you can become through financial innovation. Shall we talk?

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