The best POS for your bar or restaurant. Here's why.

Diego Katzman

Diego Katzman
Published 13/10/2020 · 3 min read

Are you looking for ways to create added value in your hospitality business? Here's the POS that will help you increase sales

Increasing sales! Sounds good, doesn't it? But we're not just talking about offering more and better payment methods to your customers (and therefore increasing turnover). We also mean offering your customers more services: the possibility of paying the same bill separately (without the need to create a new one, with the waste of time it entails), or leaving a tip to the person who has served you (or to the tip jar in the bar or restaurant, you choose).  


How to build customer loyalty? Create added value with the best payment methods

Added value means all those services that, together with the main product or service, make your customers perceive you as their preferred option. An offer that not only meets the main need for which they came to you (in the case of bars and restaurants, they are looking for a place of leisure or rest); but also meets other, more secondary needs people have. Some of them are offering different payment methods, in different languages, the possibility to pay in cash, by card, through the mobile phone... Services that save time for both workers and customers, and that help you to offer an experience to be repeated. It is in these small details that customer loyalty lies.  

A good way to measure customer satisfaction is based on the tips they leave. That's why we bring you these tips to help you improve the user experience at your bar or restaurant (and get more tips). Sounds good, doesn't it? Keep reading(because you're going to be interested). 


How to get more tips at a bar or restaurant

Lots of tips mean happy workers and satisfied customers. It is the result of an efficient and satisfactory service , and synonymous with gratitude for a job well done. We bring you these keys to help you offer your best service. 

  • Offers online bookings. To get more tips, you have to fill the room first. Thanks to a digital booking service, you offer 24/7 availability with the same efficiency as the conventional booking system. In addition, you avoid service saturation during peak hours, which sometimes causes the phone to be left unattended (and many customers are unable to make their reservations). 

  • Takeaway service, yes or yes. If before the pandemic you were wondering whether it was worth offering take away service, your doubts must have been resolved on their own. Nowadays, developing an efficient take away service allows you to not only do more services without occupying the premises (increasing profitability), but it can help you compensate for the capacity limitations that many bars and restaurants are being forced to implement. Having a convenient and efficient payment system is key for deliveries to take place in the shortest possible time. Do you know the SOFT MPOS system? It allows your delivery staff to carry the POS on their smartphones. In addition, thanks to PayXpert's payment technology and extensive network of acquirers, there will be no customer you can’t get. Say goodbye to foreign card compatibility failures.  

  • The more payment methods, the better. In the hospitality industry it is especially important to be prepared to receive payments from foreign customers. Do you already know which payment methods are used by the most frequent tourists in our country? The Chinese tourist uses Ali Pay and WeChat Pay, while the Russian tourist prefers MIR. That's why it's so important to use a versatile, multilingual, multi-channel POS. Oh! And one that is easy to use. Open your business to millions of foreign customers with a full POS. Click here to discover PayXpert POS, financial technology experts for businesses like yours.

  • Adapt to the needs of the customer. As we mentioned above, the added value consists of identifying the recurring needs of your customers and give them a solution. In the hospitality industry, it is very common for different customers at the same table to request to pay separately. This is usually not a problem when there are two or three clients, and the service is not saturated. But what happens when, in the middle of a weekend service, a large table asks you to pay separately? Once again, there is a POS designed to help you offer the best service in the hospitality industry. The PayXpert POS, in addition to being multichannel, allows you to split accounts as quickly as possible. In an industry where speed of service is key, we help you save your customers and staff time. 

  • Take care of your staff, and they will take care of your customers. Your employees love to be tipped; It is an added incentive to keep them motivated and offer the best customer service. However, the younger generations are no longer using cash, this is a reality. One way to maintain the tipping culture is to implement a POS that allows tipping by card or mobile payment. However tips are distributed in your bar or restaurant (by waiters, through a common jar), this new way of receiving tips will keep your employees motivated to offer the best service, and to take care of your customers. 

PayXpert provides you with the best POS for the hospitality industry. Add value to your bar or restaurant

If you have a hospitality business and are thinking about which POS to choose, you've found the perfect ally. As expert financial technology consultants, we know what the needs of bars and restaurants are when it comes to managing their payments and finances, and how the latest fintech trends can help you add value to your hospitality business. We want to help you offer the best service, we want to save you time and money so you can invest it in improving your business. Visit our website to learn about the rest of our fintech tools and services, or contact us to receive personalised advise. Find out why it's worth having a financial partner. 

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