Technical Release Overview for October 2020

Shenice Parkyn

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Published 30/10/2020

As the holiday season rolls around, so do more great technical features, fixes, and technical content to streamline your business dealings with PayXpert. More than ever, our focus is quality systems and processes for your payment needs. That is why we have a growing team of dedicated technical experts solving problems and building our system to make your life easier.


Backoffice tips: Why our reconciliation module makes a difference!

Image of a businessman workplace with papersPayxpert offers its customers an exclusive integrated accounting module via its Backoffice. This means merchants get total visibility of customer transactions, invoices and more. Our goal is to give you precise access to your accounting data and make reconciliation smooth sailing.

Whether you are looking at your end-customer transactions for Alipay, or searching for chargebacks from last week, your backoffice data can be filtered to your needs. Then, the handy export button found throughout the Backoffice can export the selected data in CSV, HTML, XML, JSON or TXT format to easily reconcile this data with your in-house information system.


Coders welcome

web-developmentNew gateway functions are constantly being added by our technical team and documented with your in-house developers in mind. Like our Connect2Pay Seamless Checkout JavaScript library, which is available at

The Seamless Checkout feature renders a responsive payment form to seamlessly pass a customer’s payment information into the Connect2Pay server and process the payment. This library means merchants can capture user credit card information on the client-side and pass it directly to the Connect2Pay API without breaking PCI-DSS standards. Choose from PHP, Java, JavaScript, or C#. A big win for your dev team!

New content is being rolled out in our developer section each month. But feel free to get in touch if you have any specific programming needs or technical questions about our white label version.


Truevo: acquirer of the month

x9i5ctoctwq3ylycfujnPayxpert has recently completed its payment gateway integration to Truevo, a new acquiring bank processing partner. We now offer merchants Truevo as an e-commerce payment gateway processing solution for accepting payments, including APMs. Talks are also underway to provide the same opportunity with POS terminals.

As a merchant you know that your choice of acquirer counts, as does working with a partner like PayXpert payment services to fulfil consumer purchases. So our connection to Truevo mean merchants like you will benefit from solutions that encompass the entire payments value chain, enabling your business to accept card transactions across multiple channels, to reach, engage and transact with payers wherever they are.

Signup today and reap the rewards of partnering with PayXpert.


Trustly: integration update nailed!

Trustly-logoPayXpert now supports payments by Trustly, offering the latest upgraded version of this APM, all fully integrated and bug free. Trustly is an online banking payments network doing business worldwide. Merchants partnered with PayXpert can now offer payers an option to pay directly via their consumer bank account through Trustly in 17 different countries.

So get in touch with our Sales Specialists, or your dedicated Relationship Manager, for more information on adding Trustly to your alternative payments at PayXpert.


Announcement: POS app now in PAXSTORE

445-4456290_pax-technology-logo-png-transparent-pngAfter a ground-breaking agreement with PAX, a global manufacturer of point of sale terminal solutions, we are pleased to announce that our PayXpress MPOS App is now available in the PAXSTORE across Europe. Deployed on the revolutionary A920 Android SmartPOS device from PAX, this PayXpert app now plays a major role in providing WeChat and Alipay payment options to merchants throughout the continent and the UK.

The PAXSTORE is an ecosystem connecting over 1 million POS terminals, thousands of app developers, and more than 150 marketplaces in over 80 countries worldwide. We are thrilled to join this global PAX team with merchants already live and doing business with the PAX A920 and the PayXpress MPOS app onboard. Stay tuned for more news on our PAX partnership.


FAQs for POS

My POS shows a Timeout or failed transaction, but the Alipay or WeChat customer has received a “Payment Successful” notification on their phone. What can I do?


POS_usage_FAQsNormally, this problem is due to a bad internet connection, or not having the newest software update. And, if the customer's WeChat or Alipay has already received confirmation of a successful payment, this means the transaction has been processed.

Our PayXpress POS menu features a handy “Refresh” button. Just click the POS menu to access the refresh feature, refresh the system and confirm the payment on your end. Plus, all your payer transactions should appear in the Transaction history area on your POS terminal.

Our support team’s motto is “a helped customer is a happy customer”. So, feel free to get in touch by opening a support ticket online or emailing us at with any unresolved questions or issues about PayXpert products and services.


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