Technical Release Overview for November 2020

Shenice Parkyn

Shenice Parkyn
Published 03/12/2020 · 4 min read

PayXpert is pleased to offer its clientele yet more new technical features to connect merchants with their customer base. Our development is done with your business in mind, with quality systems and processes to help you land sales from yet unreached paying customers.

As ever, our dedicated technical experts and support specialists are here to solve problems and offer solutions for your payment needs.

Announcement: PayXpert wins “Best In-store Payments Solution”

The 8th annual Payments Awards presented its 2020 edition in a highly-anticipated online event on the 12 November. Participants included many top PSP industry players, with PayXpert winning the “Best In-store Payments Solution” for its premium products and services. The ceremony hosts described PayXpert as a company that “offers a nice, clean solution with multiple payment methods” when handing out this prestigious award.

The online event highlighted the accelerated trend towards cashless payments, due to the current purchasing climate “driving years worth of digital transformation and consumer acceptance into just a few months”, as per Peter Walker, SF Tech’s Editor and host of the ceremony.

We are pleased to accept the industry’s recognition of our innovative payment methods and will continue to serve the global community with the same dedication and commitment in the coming years.


Proximity Warning:
SCA gets Greenlight on January 1st

proximity-warningTo prevent fraud even more effectively, the EU introduced a new regulation, which requires companies to integrate even stricter authentication procedures in their payment processes. This regulation on ‘strong customer authentication’ (SCA) is meant to supplement the PSD2, and it's becoming mandatory on 1 January 2021.


Are your checkout processes ready?

proximity-warning-okPayXpert’s Hosted payment page (HPP) lets you accept payments for your online business. An HPP is essentially a checkout web form that is developed, maintained, and hosted by a payment service provider. Using our hosted checkout page means you get easy, fast, and SCA-secure payment processing. So don’t worry, we have your back. And, if you are already using our Hosted Pay Page solution, you are good to go!

Get to know more about SCA and 3DS v2 at PayXpert! Plus, stay tuned for more tech news on the advantages of SCA in the upcoming months.


1-Click payments

1-click-payments1-Click payments let you associate credit or debit information with a customer’s address you ship to frequently, so they can place orders with a single click of a button. That’s why we have developed a new parameter in the PayXpert payment gateway to make it happen. Merchants can now take advantage of securely stored rebill info in our system so customers to make further purchases.

Imagine, your customer clicks the 1-Click button on your e-commerce website. Our system then supplies their securely stored rebill data and your system adds a new order ID. Presto! Seamless payments like never before.

So, make a move into 1-Click shopping through PayXpert on your payment page today.


Backoffice tips: Payment by Email convenience

Background with media email icons on bluePayment by email is a simple, easy tool that allows you to create and send customised emails with a 'pay now' button directly to your customers' inbox. Your customers pay for your goods and services securely when checking their emails via computers or mobile phones.

The PayXpert backoffice will soon offer a way for you to check if your customer has made that payment. Just go to the to be launched menu option in Processing>Payments by e-mail in the backoffice. Then, filter for Paid email payments in the filter bar.

Automatic payment failure notification and resend options are in future dev plans. So, stay tuned!



Coders welcome

Blacklist Value

black-list-valueNew gateway functions are constantly being added by our technical team and documented with your in-house developers in mind. Like our standard Blacklist Value JavaScript library, which is available at

The credibility of any brand lies in how safe the customers feel when dealing with its website. Blacklisting helps keep your company secure, preventing fraud before it affects your processing and bottom line. It’s especially effective for blocking bot traffic. Blocking suspicious orders based on failed payment transactions can improve your company’s credibility and make customers more willing to buy from your e-commerce site.

Our blacklist module allows partnered merchants to blacklist a card number, an email or an IP Address to prevent fraud and risk in processing, and is available in PHP, Java, JavaScript, or C#.

New content is being rolled out in our developer section each month. But feel free to get in touch if you have any specific programming needs or technical questions about our white label version.


P24: Acquirer of the month

p24Doing business in Poland has never been more attractive. And to boost your payment opportunities, PayXpert now offers merchants Przelewy24 as an e-commerce payment gateway processing solution.

Who is P24?

Przelewy24 (P24) is a group of almost 200 banks integrated into one, offering real-time Bank Transfers as a payment method. Their recognisability in Poland is huge with:

  • 87% of potential users in Poland recognising the Przelewy24 brand,
  • 84% of those same users affirming Przelewy24’s reputation as a very safe payment service,
  • And, almost 90% of respondents confirming a positive user experience (i.e. easy to use).

As a merchant, you know that your choice of payment methods is key, as does working with a partner like PayXpert to open new markets to your products and services. Together with P24, PayXpert offers modern, secure and friendly payment solutions that combine customer needs and merchant products. We offer tomorrow's solutions today.

Signup now and reap the benefits of partnering with PayXpert.


FAQs for POS


My customer is paying with their WeChat or Alipay QR wallet. An “Insufficient Balance” message appears on the device. What can I do?


Recommend that your customer select the “Pay with Credit/Debit Card” on their payment page. You can then proceed with a card-based payment instead of the QR code and keep your sales flowing.

Our support team’s motto is “a helped customer is a happy customer”. So, feel free to get in touch by opening a support ticket online or emailing us at with any unresolved questions or issues about PayXpert products and services. 


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