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Published 05/01/2021 · 3 min read

Announcement: 3DSv2 integrated at PayXpert!

We are excited to announce that the EMV 3DS (3DSv2) integration is now available in our production system. As all merchants must be 3DSv2 compliant as of January 2021, this means there has never been a better time to do business with PayXpert.

Why EMV 3DS matters!

EMV® 3-D Secure (3DS) is a messaging protocol that promotes frictionless consumer authentication and enables consumers to authenticate themselves with their card issuer when making card-not-present (CNP) e-commerce payments. The additional layer of security blocks unauthorised CNP transactions and protects the merchant from exposure to CNP fraud.

EMV 3DS, also know as 3DSv2, offers technical functionalities, meaning this integration promotes a better consumer experience by enabling intelligent risk-based decision making that encourages frictionless consumer authentication.

Important data, such as the shipping address, the customer’s device ID, and previous transaction history will be sent to the cardholder’s acquirer bank. The bank can then assess the risk level and if it trusts the transaction, for quick, seamless payments. Plus, the acquiring bank can request further input from the customer to authenticate the payment.

Merchants using PayXpert's hosted Payment Page will be automatically migrated to 3DSv2 and have the opportunity to improve their implementation. For these purposes, updated documentation will be available in the near future. Meanwhile, the following link provides current technical integration information on 3D-secure2 at PayXpert.

A test mode is available for merchants utilising our integration with API. To request access to a test EMV 3DS account, please send an email to PayXpert Technical Support at


Payment method of the month: WeChat mini-programs

About WeChat Pay

WeChat is a Chinese social media mobile application software (instant messaging, commerce, and payment services) developed by Tencent. With over 1 billion monthly active users, it is one of the largest standalone messaging apps.

It is widely known as one as China’s App For Everything; with numerous unique functions and platforms ranging from payment to social media, from services to shopping, and more. It is equivalent to multiple Google Play or App Store’s apps, but all merged into one

Why get a WeChat mini-program?

WeChat mini-programs are “sub-applications” within the WeChat ecosystem. They provide advanced features to users such as e-commerce, task management, coupons etc. So, most businesses no longer need to launch their own App, as a WeChat Mini Program will do the work.

Mini-programs at PayXpert

Payxpert and its Chinese payments specialists are here to help you get your Chinese communications off the ground and organised in your very own WeChat official account. We act as an intermediary in your project, branding and building your mini-program to suit your business’s needs.

So, get in touch with us at to discover our custom WeChat mini-program setup and marketing for your business.


Coder’s corner: Spring means improved APIs at PayXpert


Many developers know Spring as the de facto industry standard for enterprise application development. For those of you more familiar with the Play framework, you should definitely check out what this Java and Kotlin based framework for backend developers has to offer. Developed by the Pivotal company and used worldwide for API development, we are moving towards using this framework at PayXpert to offer our customers better quality APIs. For example, new microservice architecture and infrastructure currently under development.

Improved APIs at PayXpert

The main advantage Spring brings to the table compared to the Play framework is that Spring is easy to implement, test, configure, and maintain. It provides a positive programming language experience for developers.

Spring was the first viable alternative to J2EE. It was light and did not require a heavy commercial application server to run on. Coding and configuration with Spring were straightforward. Due to its developer-friendly approach, the framework was adopted quickly for enterprise application development.

Open Source software was just starting to gain traction when Spring came onto the market. OS software continues to thrive in enterprise-level development, with Spring representing the #1 framework used for Enterprise-class Java development in the industry. It is also fully compatible with the fairly new twelve-factor methodology to write microservices.

To sum up, Spring offers a great set of tools for our development team. Its framework is designed to build large-scale distributed micro-services, which is a major trend in Fintech R&D these days.


FAQs for Chinese payments

What is the daily payment limit for Alipay and WeChat Pay?


Alipay is one of the most popular e-Wallet services in Asia. In China, millions of transactions are processed using Alipay each day! Meanwhile, WeChat is China’s most popular messaging app with a monthly user base of more than 1 billion people, with WeChat Pay acting as its payments system. PayXpert is pleased to offer both Alipay and WeChat Pay to its merchants.

Chinese residents who travel can use these digital wallets on their smartphones to quickly and conveniently make payments in-store, online, and by money transfer.

Merchants should keep in mind that both the Alipay and WeChat Pay payment systems have a daily, as well as an annual transaction limit per user:

  • 50,000 RMB daily (around 6,027 EURO).

  • 200,000 RMB yearly (around 24,110 EURO).

TIP: Advise customers to select Pay with Credit/Debit Card on their WeChat or Alipay Payment page if the payment amount exceeds these limits and, thus, not miss out on purchasing opportunities.

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