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E-commerce payment methods without chargeback

access_time 12/01/2020 person Diego Katzman
Before we start showing you the most advanced payment methods on the market for e-commerces and marketplaces, let's clear up the question around chargebacks. What are they? Why do they occur? What causes them? Are they the same as refunds?

Do you know how to decrease your chargeback?

access_time 08/11/2020 person PayXpert
First of all, what is a chargeback? What function does it perform in your eCommerce? How does it affect your business? Which are the most recurrent? We will tell you all this and much more throughout this post because the chargeback ratio is a ...

Data management to prevent chargebacks

access_time 06/10/2020 person Diego Katzman
When increasing sales is not enough.  Chargebacks represent one of the situations merchants fear will occur. Although we know that you all (we too) dream of increasing sales, things reach a point where you have to analyse what percentage of them are ...