PayXpert wins 'POS Technology of the Year' at the Retail Systems Awards 2021


Published 28/06/2021 · 2 min read

PayXpert has been named the Point-of-Sale Technology of the Year at the Retail Systems Awards 2021.

The 16th annual event brought the retail sector together to celebrate excellence and innovation after a challenging year. The Retail Systems Awards recognized PayXpert's POS Technology for its innovation and added value created in and around the payment experience for merchants and their customers. PayXpert is also highly commended by the customer feedback site TruRating, which has seconded the award.

Choosing the Best Point-of-Sale Technology

The best POS technology does more than just process sales and accepting payments. It makes it easier to operate your business, with features that help you analyse data, track inventory, and connect with customers. The backup of advanced ordering and checkout technology is another vital characteristic of modern POS systems. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, demand for contactless payments is rising, and many POS terminals are improved to support this need.

At PayXpert, we know that when it comes to obtaining the best point-of-sale technology for contactless payments, merchants want two main things: the best shopping experience for their customers and increase their number of sales. 

The Best POS Involves Alternative Payment Methods.

The PayXpert POS technology incorporates more than 20 alternative payment methods to reach millions of potential customers that use WeChat Pay, Alipay, or Mir, to mention a few. Also, our POS system offers maximum coverage with a multi-acquirer network that will guarantee you the best payment approval rate.

The POS plays an essential role in customer satisfaction by offering them their preferred payment method and taking care of every detail of the payment process. At PayXpert, we have developed our POS to generate the best UX (user experience). Designed to adapt to the customer's primary and secondary needs:

  • Shoppers pay in their language and currency anywhere in the world.
  • Payments in any preferred sales channel of the four continents.
  • Built-in satisfaction surveys.
  • Added features, such as tipping, digital signature, or splitting of bills.

We know that choosing the best payment management ally for your business is not easy. As payment technology experts, we can help you integrate the latest into point-of-sale terminals: the best in-store payments solution. 

PayXpert, the leader in POS Technology of 2021, stated by Retail Systems Awards.

PayXpert's point-of-sale technology is the best, according to specialised critique at the previous Retail Systems Awards ceremony. PayXpert won the award for 'POS Technology of the Year' for its wide range of payment methods, high usability, and great functionality for customers and sellers.


Since PayXpert was born in 2009, our goal has always been to offer the best in techno-financial tools for payment management and management control to our clients. We provide them with intelligent interfaces to understand the essential data of their finances: transaction activity with geolocation, level of fraud, and sales volume. We use the data generated from their financial activity to develop statistics that they can understand and use to create a sales strategy adapted to the reality of their business.


Would you like to start using our award-winner POS Technology? We have a team of experts who will be delighted to help you integrate financial technology into your business. Whether you are a large or a small company, financial technology guarantees you results. Such as: 

  • Increased control of fraud, returns, refunds, or risk. 
  • Enhanced payment acceptance rate. Thanks to our multi-acquirer network, the number of payments rejected by the system is virtually eliminated. 
  • Improved conversion. When you offer as many options and conveniences as our payment gateway, you reduce abandoned carts and sell more. 
  • More excellent knowledge of your customer. What is their profile, what payment methods do they use, where and when do they buy? Thanks to the management of the big financial data, you will know better who your buyer persona is, and you will be able to design a personalised offer for them.

Many thanks to Retail Systems Awards for rewarding our efforts! We will continue the hard work to offer the best POS Technology. 

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