PayXpert teams up with Trustly on digital account-to-account payments


Published 08/11/2021 · 1 min read

  • PayXpert and Trustly will work together to bring fast, reliable, and more convenient payments.
  • Trustly is leading the digital account-to-account payments company powering the shift to a cardless society.
  • Merchants will benefit from accepting online banking payments from global consumers.

 London, November 2021– PayXpert is excited to announce its successful integration with the leading online banking payment solution Trustly. This partnership leverages the respective strengths of PayXpert and Trustly to create compelling value for both companies and their clients. 

Through Trustly’s modern open banking payment method and PayXpert's alternative payment services, merchants will attract more customers, build loyalty, and eliminate chargebacks and fraud. At the same time, customers will be able to shop and pay from their online bank account without using a card, app, or registration.  

Regis Vidal, Chief Product Officer at PayXpert, commented: "This integration creates a pathway for merchants to become more agile and meet customer demand for more flexible ways to pay. We're proud to partner with Trustly, and we look forward to offering a more valuable service to our current clients and to creating a unique solution for merchants with global aims." Trustly_Regular_Logotype_Horizontal_Trustly-Green_RGBAbout Trustly

Founded in 2008, Trustly's digital account-to-account platform redefines payments' speed, simplicity, and security, linking some of the world's most prominent merchants with consumers directly from their online banking accounts. Trustly in numbers: 

  • 6.3K Connected banks
  •  8.1K Merchants
  •  525M Consumer reach

Recently, Trustly surpassed $10 billion in processed payments and 20 million users in North America

 About PayXpert

PayXpert, established in 2009, is a global payments company built for large and small businesses. PayXpert focuses on providing the best payment experience to buyers and sellers alike. PayXpert in numbers:

  • 25+ Payment methods
  • 100+ Currencies
  • 650+ Clients

In addition, PayXpert is a direct member of Discover, Unionpay, WeChat Pay, and AliPay. For more information on forming a partnership with PayXpert, visit Partners | PayXpert.

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