PayXpert obtains a Redsys Certification


Published 13/09/2019 · 1 min read

PayXpert, the European payments processor fintech company has undergone a though certification processes that translates into cost saving for acquirers, merchants and integrators, demonstrating once again that PayXpert is a global market leader in quality, and always putting its customers first.

PayXpert was certified this last August 2019, by Spanish Redsys, a leading national and international payment system services company. Redsys is a highly specialized technology and operational provider in the payments industry for the most important financial institutions in Spain (banks, credit and debit companies), processing approximately 90 percent of the acquiring market share in the region. The company has created a variety of standards and technological-operational solutions for financial institutions and other major industry players, in Spain, Europe and Latin America.

Redsys certifies the security, interoperability and functionality of payments products, guaranteeing high quality standards wich in turn provides recognition from merchants and their customers.

Also in collaboration with other areas of the company, they perform validations on the emission profiles of their member organizations.

Nicolas Riegert, CEO of PayXpert commented "I am very happy [...] this is another step in the construction of our robust reputation as a global payments market leader.."

PayXpert is continuosly pushing forward for new breakthroughs on the payments arena. Visit the PayXpert website to learn more, and follow us on social media to get our latest news.

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