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Published 30/01/2018 · 1 min read

PayXpert, innovative payment solutions for online and offline businesses, announces its new website, which has been created to give its clients a very clear and complete information about its products and solutions.

PayXpert as a team of experts, is always looking to give its clients the best solutions not only in payments but also in processing and with the latest technology.

New website was created with the user experience in mind and it has been designed using the latest technology, making it compatible with all browsers and mobile devices.

We have created the website thinking in the best way to show the values we have in our company.
Expert people + Network of acquirers and alternative payments + Payment Technology .

We are focused on three big products areas, as you can see in our web:

  1. Payments, as Payment Institution authorized by the FCA in the UK and passported in Europe, we have a global network of acquirers and also a large range of alternative payments methods, making the payment process easy to all our clients who want to go International.
  2. Business intelligence tools,we have developed a complete tool with powerful business intelligence modules (Dashboards for payment process analysis, advanced stats to understand the numbers, and the reconciliation & accounting module to see the information simple and transparent on your invoices).
  3. Technology, we are creating in-house solutions for merchants and large companies, this make us a flexible and adaptable company.

The new website goes live today, January 30, 2018 at:
It will be updated with solutions for our clients, news, events, and product launches.

This is just the beginning of the 2018, we are ready to be a big actor in the payment industry and we are proud to show it to everyone.

Welcome to the PayXpert universe and let's talk about your payments!

About PayXpert: 

PayXpert is a payment provider company, licensed for Europe through the UK Financial Conduct Authority and carries a financial license for the rest of the world with the Financial Market Supervisory Authority in Switzerland.

We are a company with a young, multicultural and dynamic team, striving to bring its payment experience and know-how to both existing and potential partners. Founded in 2008, PayXpert has expanded its presence to UK, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, The Netherlands and Switzerland. Thanks to a large network of acquirers, PayXpert can process in over 180 currencies and offer settlement in 20.

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