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Published 12/05/2021 · 3 min read

Are you looking for a payment option that adds value to your eCommerce shopping experience? Do you know what payment gateway integration is all about?

If you've come this far, you've probably come a long way in your search for the best payment gateway for your business. Instilling confidence, simplicity, and clarity in your online payment methods is part of the success of your business. That is why we want to introduce you to the PayXpert payment gateway, as well as the necessary steps to integrate it into your online store.

Are you ready?

Do you clearly remember what a payment gateway is?

It never hurts to remember some key concepts of the payment world. A payment gateway is a service implemented in eCommerce to facilitate the payment process to customers. It is responsible for authorising card payments and protecting your data thanks to tokenization. Its main features are:

  • Integration into the website of your online store. It's an easy process, with personalised assistance.
  • Security certification. At PayXpert, we have PCI Level 1 certification.
  • Different payment options. Anyone will be able to make a secure payment with the option that best suits the user.

We've all used payment gateways at some point, and they're the most demanded option for eCommerce. Depending on the gateway you use, you'll get a better or worse shopping experience for your customers.

Would you like users who land on your online store to be able to browse, consult and shop quickly, conveniently, and securely? Having the best products on the market will be of little use to you if everything gets complicated when it’s time to pay.

Have a single platform to accept payments anywhere and on any device!

What to consider in the payment gateway integration process?

The time has come to consider integration and usability. And at this point, it's essential to keep in mind that the payment method you choose should be the one that best suits your business characteristics and your customers' preferences. Therefore, we recommend you answer the following questions:

  • Will you need a plugin or extension to integrate the gateway? It wouldn't make any sense to choose a payment method that you can't integrate into your online store.
  • Does the payment processor integrate with your existing point of sale (POS) or the solution you're considering? We recommend choosing a provider that works with your solution.

Remember that POS integrated payments will:

  • Streamline sales.
  • Get a faster and more secure payment process (no need to enter information manually).
  • Eliminate manual reconciliation (eliminates this need at the end of the day, which gives you more freedom to spend your time growing your business and keeping consumers happy).
  • You will save money (gateways can offer special rates to merchants).
  • You will improve the visibility of operations (thanks to the work of payment and sales technology).
  • You will be supported by the latest technologies and security measures (if your POS provider highly recommends a payment provider, you can be fairly confident that the processor is reliable and supports the latest technologies and security measures).

The result of choosing a trusted payment gateway is good integration, which will help you get several benefits and improve all your business metrics. A satisfied customer is a customer who finds the best payment method for their needs. Are you offering it?

Integrate the PayXpert payment gateway into your business

Most online stores integrate payment gateways that provide immediacy and security in the process. With PayXpert, you can benefit from continuity in your business sales without loss of revenue or data. We can import all payment history and tokens with complete security.

Some basic features of our payment processor are:

  • Innovative payment technology to improve your conversion rate while keeping you safe from chargebacks.
  • Cascading so that if the transaction is rejected, on hold, or unsuccessful, it can be redirected to another payment option.
  • Smart Routing Solution. The PayXpert portal can select the best buyer for specific transactions based on the real-time risk score.
  • Business Intelligence and dashboard. It has business intelligence and dashboards for continuous monitoring and in-depth analysis.
  • Advanced statistical modules. They enable customisable filters to get the precise data you need.
  • Advanced features. With creative and innovative features that are continuously updated and improved.
  • And you will be able to have the local payment solution you need to internationalise your business.

To ensure a fast and convenient payment gateway integration process, we have the most popular plugins on the market and an easy-to-implement API (Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, osCommerce, WordPress, WooCommerce, API, Zen-Cart, and WHMCS).

Our team is always at the forefront of innovation and technology. Plus, one of PayXpert's added values is that with easy integration and fast migration, you can see the entire operation of your business in a single solution, even if you have a group of companies.

In short, you can integrate all your payment solutions and see complete payment processing information, understand performance, correct errors, and analyse trends in a few clicks, improving conversion rates.

Ultimately, you can enjoy access to a very high level of customisation and have the support of a technical team available to develop your own solutions tailored to the specific needs of your eCommerce.

Finally, thanks to PCI Level 1 certification, we can import or export cardholder data history and tokens from other providers and gateways. You are not alone in the process, as our managers will assist you in the integration of digital payment solutions that will allow you to offer a better experience to your future customers and improve your results.

Are you committed to the continuous improvement of your business? Are you looking for adaptable and flexible technology solutions? Call us; we're here to help you.

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